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    Snapt Balancer for HAProxy
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Snapt Balancer for HAProxy

Snapt has taken a product they love and elevated it to the next level with the Snapt Balancer frontend for HAProxy. Finally all the features you've wished for are available, and for as little as $49.

  • Instant integration with existing haproxy setups, able to run on any Linux or FreeBSD.
  • Snapt's full reporting system means you can see details information about sessions, throughput, users, queues and more at any time.
  • Custom alerts let you know when servers are in trouble, go offline or serve errors.
  • An easy to use yet powerful configuration UI lets you speed up routine tasks, manage haproxy easily and unlock it's hidden power.
  • Quick wizards for things like sticky HTTP setups, RDP balancing, SSL termination and many others.

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Existing HAProxy User?

Our product will integrate directly with your haproxy.cfg and start logging, managing and alerting right away.

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HAProxy Empowered

Snapt Balancer turns HAProxy into a complete load balancing solution.

Enabling anyone to manage and configure the program as well as collecting detailed reporting information, adding hundreds of visibility metrics and performance graphs and adding a full suite of alerting and monitoring capabilities.

The wide array of Snapt additions to the product elevates it to an entirely new level. Added to that the Snapt support you receive, and full redundancy, makes it ready for any enterprise.

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It's time to get started with Snapt. We offer a free trial with free installation assistance, no contract monthly payments or our standard packages. On pricelists Snapt for HAProxy is called "Snapt Balancer", the products are the same.

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