Modern load balancing and security on-demand

Create a free account and deploy load balancers and web application firewalls to any cloud in 30 seconds or less.


Any application. Any cloud. Any scale.

Finally – dynamic load balancing and web application and API protection built for real-time hyperscale, multi-cloud, and modern architectures with a SaaS delivery model. Take control of your websites, apps, and APIs with a centralized control plane and near-zero latency.

Any Cloud, Any Platform

Span multiple clouds and diverse production pipelines with centralized control of load balancing, security, and intelligence. Snapt is cloud neutral, container friendly, with no lock-in.

Elastic Self-Scaling

Scale-out and scale-in your application ingress automatically. Deploy load balancers, WAFs, and GSLB where and when they’re needed at no extra cost – all from a centralized controller.

Automatically Optimized

Compress, minify, rewrite, and cache your web content. Reduce bandwidth by 75% and web requests by 70%. Get 5X faster page load and 3X faster SSL performance with A+ SSL rating.


Stay safe. Stay online. Stay calm.

Centrally managed AI-driven WAF, API Gateway, and threat intelligence. Full OWASP Top 10 protection against bots, scrapers, data leaks, spammers, SQL injections, XSS attacks, denial of service, API vulnerabilities, and more. Extreme resilience to disasters maintains business continuity and customer experience.

Automated Security and Threat Intelligence

Defend your websites, apps, APIs, and data with an intelligent Cloud WAF that analyzes every request, profiles traffic, detects anomalies with machine learning, and syncs block decisions to all your nodes. Pre-emptively stop malware, botnets, cybercrime, and platform abuse with predictive threat intelligence.

Stress-Free Compliance

Ensure your websites, web applications, and services are compliant, secure, and ready to pass audit – even in complex distributed systems. Centralized WAF Profiles set blocklists, rulesets, rate limits, and more across all your nodes, with instant feedback and validation. API Gateways enforce access controls and SLAs.

Snapt is compliant with PCI-DSS, HIPAA, and GDPR.

Disaster Mitigation and Continuity

Automatic failover to redundant locations, clouds, or instances. Self-healing technology can instantly respawn your application services even if all your underlying infrastructure fails.

Improved reliability for enterprise IT applications including Microsoft Exchange, RDP/RDS, and IIS servers.


Informed. In control. Inspired.

DevOps, NetOps, and PlatformOps can be more agile and effective with Snapt. Real-time telemetry and end-to-end visibility for your application security, health, and performance in our modern UI or via API. Centralized data, machine learning, and AI enable smarter decisions. Flexible pricing and software that works with any architecture mean you’re never locked in.

Knowledge Is Power

Master your deployment. See everything with end-to-end telemetry and reporting across your whole application pipeline, with smart notifications to reduce alert fatigue. Access your data in Snapt's UI, or via API in any reporting and visualization platform like Prometheus and Grafana or DataDog. You can even add a GUI and observability to HAProxy.

Faster Action, Better Decisions

Centralized command and control using our fast, modern web-based UI. Set once, get instant results everywhere. Machine learning and AI provide analysis and autonomous response to threats, outages, and performance drops faster and more accurately than human operators.

Grow, Shift, and Evolve

Scale your application services easily with flexible price plans, a SaaS delivery model, and a centralized control plane. Embrace digital transformation with application services that move easily with your workloads – to multi-cloud, microservices, containers, VMs, or bare metal. Test in production with support for blue-green and canary deployment.