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August 2010

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Our shop is almost ready for launch! Our SSL certificates are done, PayPal integration is finishes and the initial product list and prices are ready!We will also be running a launch special for the first copies sold so make sure you are subscribed to our launch list to get told first. We hope to see you in the shop soon!...

As you may already know, the Snapt Framework comes with a flexible plugin system designed to allow you to run whatever Snapt modules you want on any of your installations. Some plugins we charge for (for example HAProxy), but many are free and we have a list of what will (at least currently) be available once we launch free of charge!Snapt Backup takes configurable, scheduled backups of the Snapt UI and can store them on disk or email them to...

We've been asked more than once about what O/S's Snapt will support and technically it should run on any Linux or BSD flavour. However, we maintain constant support (and pre-built packages) for the following flavours --FreeBSD Debian Ubuntu FedoraWe aim to support any flavour of BSD or Linux you are running, but for practical reasons can obviously only test the product on a given set (especially when it comes to Linux!)....