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September 2011

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We're busy considering adding SSL termination to our HAProxy product. That means you can do all the SSL communication directly on your load balancer and not have to worry about it on your servers!Please let us know your thoughts, there are only a few questions: will also be giving a 10% discount coupon to anyone who completes the survey. ...

We've just finished full proxy server support for the UI, so you can now fetch updates, plugins, news and more using a proxy server if you don't have a direct web connection! This also applies to all the Snaptins and Plugins so applications Twilio SMS can use a proxy now.This will be available in the next framework update due out this month. ...

There are loads of changes coming over the next month, mostly based on your feedback! Here's a quick summary of what you can expect.Snapt RedundancyWe will be releasing our redundancy plugin for the framework shortly. Based on the popular heartbeat open source project it allows you to float virtual IP addresses between two servers. This means you can now easily setup your high availability load balancing solution using just Snapt HAProxy and Redundancy - and it integrates with existing Snapt...