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December 2011

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Just a quick reminder that Snapt will continue to operate full time support during the Christmas/New Year period, so if you find yourself in trouble you can log a ticket via the client site! If you are interested in phone support, on-device consultation and more feel free to require about our Snapt Pro offering.Remember the 20% coupon code is "XMAS2011", and have a happy year end!...

We are proud to announce the initial release of Snapt Squid! This powerful additional to Snapt's product line introduces full reporting, visibility and configuration control for the popular Squid web cache.Snapt Squid is the perfect, lost cost, high ROI solution for your business. In a matter of minutes you can setup up a transparent (or regular) cache server on any hardware and get huge bandwidth savings, lower response times, detailed reports on where users are going and much more.Then...

"The Free Open Source Software (FOSS) sector has reached ZAR40 Billion globally and it is not stopping there. Gartner predicts that by 2012, over 90% of businesses will use enterprise open source in direct or embedded forms. Globally and locally governments, and other large institutions, are driving the open source initiative in an attempt to save costs, whilst improving efficiency."Our CEO, Dave Blakey, has an article on IDG Connect for Africa this week. If you're interested in the path of...