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April 2012

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Yahoo finance has an article discussing Snapt and the offering to the market available here.South African development company, Snapt, has launched a series of revolutionary user interface tools that effectively utilise this open source software to provide powerful and economical solutions for corporate clients. Snapt's high-end customised open source software tools are not only easy to use, but at the same time offer the kind of support and reporting traditionally associated with commercial software offerings....

We will be releasing a new framework within the next week which has many updates designed around non-admin users. For example, users who have reports access, or access to a specific module only (like HAProxy).These users have several problems that need to be addressed - they sometimes see system messages, they cannot change their own password as they have no user management access and more. These will all be addressed or improved upon in the next release of the...

Snapt Redundancy has been updated to include a monitor feature, which other plugins will be able to hook into in coming releases. This allows you to monitor dependent processes and restart them in the event of a failure....