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A common problem with using a custom load balancer in EC2 is that it prevents you from using the EC2 autoscaling system. Autoscaling allows you to automatically launch new EC2 instances whenever you need them, for example, when the CPU usage on your instances is over 70%.

However, the load balancer needs to know about these new servers or they simply won’t receive traffic.

We are proud to announce that we will be releasing an EC2 integration plugin (for free) for Snapt’s load balancer which allows you to add servers based on an EC2 ami ID. Snapt will then automatically send traffic to any instances you have running with that AMI, removing and adding instances as they boot up and shut down.

We’re currently recruiting beta testers for this feature – so if you are running in EC2 feel free to get in touch by emailing, creating a ticket, leaving a comment or tweeting us.

Dave Blakey founded Snapt in 2012 and currently serves as the company’s CEO. Under Dave’s leadership, Snapt achieved a 400% annual growth rate in 2014. Snapt now provides load balancing and acceleration to more than 10,000 clients in 50 countries. High-profile clients include NASA, Intel, and various other forward-thinking technology companies.

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