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February 2013

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We have released an update for the Snapt Balancer Analyzer today to handle the new logging format found in haproxy 1.5-dev17. The new plugin is backwards compatible so if you are on 1.4 or an earlier dev version it will continue to work....

As you may be aware Snapt Pricing has not changed since the original launch - but the product has changed significantly.We will be altering the prices of some of our products and this change will directly effect existing clients. Because of this we are giving our clients the opportunity to purchase up to three years at the current price for the rest of the month!We are also including a discount for two and three year purchases which makes it...

As you may have already noticed when you install Framework 3.2 you'll be greeted with "tour" messages on certain pages. These only appear once and are intended for the first time a user logs in. Naturally, as it's just been released you may receive several tips even though you are already aware of features.This is a part of our quest to increase the ease of use and installation of the user interface. Please feel free to leave feedback and/or...