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January 2014

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We are proud to announce Version 5 of the Snapt framework! A complete overhaul and massive functionality update coming for free to all active Snapt subscribers.Version 5 is the biggest update to Snapt since we launched the product. We've focussed on improving usability and visibility while adding a lot of dashboard and metric information.The new version has full tablet and smartphone support, and alters every available Snaptin and Plugin for the framework.We will be releasing the update during...

It's 2014 and Snapt is starting it off with some great new offerings and specials!Snapt Hosted is a complete hosted application delivery controller solution. We manage and support it for you, and it provides you with extreme website acceleration, load balancing, web application protection against thousands of threats and more. It starts at 89$ a month and includes everything you need, even the server!And the best part? We're offering a completely free month for you to try it out. Client's...