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February 2014

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Please take 1 minute to vote on our language translation poll in order to help us choose the best translations for the Snapt Framework and plugins.Voting on your selected language(s) will increase the chance and speed at which they arrive. The selected languages will be available for the entire Snapt product.[polldaddy poll=7838044]...

Snapt Balancer supports being loaded onto an existing haproxy installation, and can quickly be up and running adding reporting, web based management and more to your haproxy installation.We have made a short video showing you how this setup looks and some of the features you can expect to see. Watch our video....

Fixed a problem where negative ACLs were losing the not in editing.Limited the number of hosts we will show on the dashboard.Reduced the max wait to shut down from 30 seconds to 15 seconds.Improved stats collecting for people with over 50 groups.Better tproxy support in the UI.Error columns now also have nice number formatting.Messaging around restarting the Balancer is clearer.Adding a link to enable logging when logging is disabled on the dashboard....