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January 2017

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Cloud hosting platforms help small businesses host a variety of data and applications online for immediate use anywhere with internet access. Cloud hosting also allows businesses to quickly scale up or scale down their server size to meet current demand. It also offers easy disaster recovery, simple software updating and other perks. For this reason, cloud computing and services are increasingly attractive options for small businesses who don't want the hassle of investing in complicated hardware server solutions.The right small...

When it comes to addressing the ever-evolving issues of business infrastructure, one of the most important questions that comes up is the idea of space. Specifically, that of server space requirements and how they can affect the overall performance of your company’s internal systems and, ultimately, products and services.Cost is also a very important factor to consider when deciding how – and with what software/hardware – your company intends to establish the optimal server configuration. Striking a balance plays a...

As part of Snapt's ongoing mission to provide the best customer support, the company has implemented Zendesk, and released a new website.ATLANTA, GA, January 17, 2017 - South African start-up Snapt is serious about customer support. By publishing response times – which average three minutes – Snapt guarantees that customers always have easy access to their in-house experts. As part of Snapt’s ongoing mission to provide the best customer support services, the company has implemented Zendesk, a simple and effective...