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The team is excited to reveal more about our recently launched offering, SnaptSight.

The recently released SnaptSight is a new visualization which allows monitoring of the various aspects of latency with regard to the performance of a server – notably, the amount of time web servers are taking to generate pages, and the time taken to connect to pages and to your clients, on a per request level. SnaptSight offers high-level analytics for server monitoring, down to the individual HTTP page, to ensure that web servers are operating at peak performance.

With SnaptSight, businesses can gain insight into resource allocation, measure traffic, and ensure optimal server functionality. The update comes as a free addition for all Snapt clients.

Having a fast, secure and high-performing website is crucial for any business, and SnaptSight, ensures that both performance and reliability can be monitored and measured.

“Which page is taking the longest to load, and what server is performing the slowest? Is a spike in latency a network problem or a server problem? SnaptSight has the answer,” said Dave Blakey, Snapt CEO.

In an industry dominated by large legacy vendors, Snapt has been making its mark, with 500% year-on-year growth, and clients such as MTV, Target and NASA, to name a few. The software-only ADC powers fast, secure delivery of business-critical applications anytime, anywhere, on any device, platform or cloud-based infrastructure.

Thanks to a dynamic pricing model, Snapt allows businesses to have a fast, flexible and feature-complete ADC offering from as little as USD 55 per month, with a host of custom options and offerings for larger businesses.

With the benefit of a 14-day free trial, and the opportunity to get started within seconds, Snapt is the most flexible ADC, and the perfect business companion.

Gabi from @SnaptADC here. We couldn’t find the perfect software load balancer for web services. So we built one. Have any questions? Feel free to get in touch.