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A few members of the Snapt executive team took a trip to San Francisco last month. And what a trip it was! While the team wanted to make the most of the vibrant city, culture and sunshine, they didn’t realize the trip would also become a scouting mission.

San Francisco, and Silicon Valley in particular, have been the undisputed home of tech greats, innovation hubs, start-ups and more in recent history. The Snapt team has always been drawn to vibrant and exciting cities, which is why we settled in Atlanta. However, we jumped at the chance to explore the opportunities in Silicon Valley.

We recently spent time planning this move and were blown away by the experience. Join us to learn more about Snapt hitting San Francisco and Silicon Valley.

We spent time in the Valley and in San Francisco, deciding on what would be the most appropriate West Coast location for us. After a visit to Sunnyvale, we ultimately decided that it was the perfect fit.

Why? For us at Snapt, there were three clear key factors and takeaways

Factor 1: The Culture

We loved the culture of the Valley in particular. There is an air of opportunity that’s easy to get swept up in, but underneath that are a lot of great people with great businesses, and many of them are just excited to hear what you do and want to be involved. There were events every day to meet new start-ups and to network, and we only found friendly and genuine people!

Factor 2: The Talent

Snapt has several needs in California. We want to meet potential staff both in technical and marketing roles, as well as potential clients. We know the Valley is the place to be to meet those demands.

Factor 3: The Tech Scene

The Valley has tech, incubators and hubs in spades. It is particularly appealing to new start-ups due to its affordability, ease of use, and ability to rapidly scale infrastructure in any cloud or VM set-up.

So why the move – and why now? Let’s just say we have some very big, and very exciting developments in the works and feel now is the ideal time to see what the Valley has to offer.

We’ll keep you updated on the developments and what is next in store!

Dave Blakey founded Snapt in 2012 and currently serves as the company’s CEO. Under Dave’s leadership, Snapt achieved a 400% annual growth rate in 2014. Snapt now provides load balancing and acceleration to more than 10,000 clients in 50 countries. High-profile clients include NASA, Intel, and various other forward-thinking technology companies.