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Contact us if we can help you with a story about software-based application delivery, including web acceleration, load balancing, virtualized applications, and DDoS security.

Snapt develops high-end solutions for application delivery. We make incredible software designed to solve the needs of amazing clients. Snapt creates the ultimate load balancer and web accelerator for DevOps and techs


Snapt at a glance

Disruptive, software-based application delivery networking company

Global headquarters: Atlanta, Georgia

500% annual growth rate in 2016; achieving 1,000% growth in 2017

Over 10,000 clients in 50 countries

Nearly half of Snapt's sales come from customers who were dissatisfied with large hardware-based web accelerator and load balancing companies

Snapt’s 24/7/365 live in-house customer service team publishes and guarantees response times – which average three minutes!


Snapt’s software-based application delivery controller (ADC) solutions power fast, secure delivery of business-critical applications anytime, anywhere, on any device, platform or cloud-based infrastructure.

The company’s suite of load balancing and web accelerator solutions outperform and out-feature industry competitors – at 1/10th of the price!

Our mission

We realized the application delivery software solutions out there were not good enough. So we decided to build the best ADC yet.

Having achieved our goal, our mission today is to continue improving and innovating, delivering the solutions needed by the best teams at the greatest companies in the world. Then we provide better support than anyone else in the market.

Best of the Best

Who uses Snapt?

Snapt is the new kid on the block in a market dominated by old-fashioned hardware vendors. You’ll notice something about our client list – they are leaders in the tech industry. They have their ear to the ground and can hear the change coming.

What change? A product built for virtualization, for performance, for DevOps. The best software ADC.

Get your free trial or set up a demo! We are happy to help install it!