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How To Choose A Web Application Firewall

by Craig Risi on Security • June 8, 2022

Every business exposing online applications, services, and APIs needs a Web Application Firewall (WAF) to operate safely and protect against cybersecurity threats. A WAF identifies and blocks attacks that lead to downtime, leaked data, and compromised transactions and accounts. However, you might find that choosing the right WAF is a tricky business. 

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The Three Biggest Challenges When Building Scalable Applications

by Craig Risi on Tips and Tricks • May 24, 2022

Designing for scale is one of the fundamental principles of modern software engineering. However, an organization’s ambition to build scalable applications often exceeds its ability. While it's easy to see the incredible opportunities for scaling up and going global, many do not appreciate the biggest challenges facing development and DevOps teams building scalable apps.

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Secure Coding Practices

by Craig Risi on Tips and Tricks • April 26, 2022

We previously addressed the need to design secure applications and test for security during development. However, despite all good intentions, it is all too easy to focus on solving the immediate functional problem and ignore other objectives like security when writing code. 

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How To Test Application Security

by Craig Risi on Security • April 20, 2022

We constantly read about leaks and security attacks that hit well-known applications. Businesses cannot take security for granted. With so much critical data in play, they must prioritize application security and the process of identifying security flaws to ensure apps are safe. 

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How To Ensure Faster Disaster Recovery With Less Downtime

by Craig Risi on High Availability • March 24, 2022

As much as technology is improving to enable companies to pursue high availability and cater for disaster mitigation, the reality is that even with the best-made plans, disasters are likely to happen. Servers will fail, the software may run into issues that cause failure, and security incidents are likely to occur that need to be handled. Even with redundancy and distributed networks in place, systems are not immune from failure – even if the likelihood and impact are greatly reduced. 

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Best Practices for Disaster-Resilient Application Infrastructure

by Craig Risi on Tips and Tricks • January 18, 2022

Websites and applications should be designed to be functional, high-performance, and resilient to common and uncommon disasters. Despite your best plans, it’s inevitable that events will conspire to interrupt the smooth operation of your systems. For businesses that depend on software and web services, disasters can have a massive financial impact, making it critical for IT teams to do everything possible to avoid or mitigate them. The way your applications respond to disaster incidents is a good indication of the overall quality of your architecture and code. Today, we will share some tips that should help you and your team build an application infrastructure that is resilient against even the worst disasters.

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How To Choose The Right Cloud Provider For You

by Craig Risi on Business • October 7, 2021

Many companies have realized that they need to embrace the cloud in some form or another. After all, the cloud offers greater availability across a global landscape as well as improved redundancy and performance regardless of where a user accesses sites, so it’s far easier to use cloud providers’ tools than to bear the burden and expense of managing servers around the globe.

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Best Practices for Edge Security

by Craig Risi on Security • September 7, 2021

In the corporate tech fight against security threats, there is perhaps no struggle more difficult than dealing with Edge Security. While companies can put in extensive security protocols and systems to protect much of their data, applications, and core data centers or cloud servers, monitoring the security of an entire organization and the people working for it is incredibly difficult.  

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