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Best Practices for CI/CD

by Mark Trent on DevOps • June 21, 2022

If there is one thing the software development world loves, it’s following the latest development trends. Call it the “cool factor” or simply a desire to be at the cutting edge of technology, but there is a big rush for many companies to adopt certain development and software processes. One such trend—which admittedly has been around for many years now—is that of continuous integration or continuous development (CI/CD), commonly associated with the DevOps world.

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Best Back-End Frameworks For Security

by Mark Trent on Security • May 19, 2022

In previous articles, we reviewed some popular high-performance front-end and back-end frameworks. These articles focus on how these frameworks have been developed for high-performance. Here we will look at back-end frameworks that offer developers and product managers highly secure features for application development.

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How To Justify Infrastructure Replacement To Your Manager

by Mark Trent on Business • September 29, 2021

Upgrading an organization’s tech infrastructure can be a tricky affair. On the one hand, there are technical people who are eager to work with upgraded technology, and who can easily see the technical benefits of new infrastructure and software in helping their organization achieve its objectives. On the other hand, you have business executives who have to balance massively complex budgets and keep a company profitable, and who might struggle to see how the cost of an infrastructure upgrade is justified. 

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Does your application infrastructure provide positive ROI?

by Mark Trent on Performance • September 1, 2021

With computing technology constantly evolving, many companies stuck with aging systems need to revisit their current setups and possibly replace them with modern ones that are compatible with the cloud-centric microservices of today. And while keeping up to date with the latest software trends seems like an obvious choice for a technically minded person, the truth is that for many large companies where software is not their primary concern, having to upgrade or replace existing systems is incredibly expensive.

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Best Practices for Application Data Protection and Fraud Prevention

by Mark Trent on Tips and Tricks • August 17, 2021

It should perhaps go without saying that software security is the number one threat facing many companies in this technological age. With data now the most important asset that companies own and need to protect, security is one area that you can ill afford to compromise on. For this reason, you must develop strategies for securing data specifically, over and above protecting the rest of your IT systems and code.

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