Getting VMware Ready Certified as a startup

by Grant Duke on Tips and Tricks • October 30, 2018

VMware is one of the world’s largest and utilized hypervisors and by becoming VMware Ready Certified, we continue to ensure that Snapt constantly performs to the highest performance levels available, and our customers have a seamless experience across any environment they choose.

The process to get your product VMware Ready Certified involves a series of steps to ensure success. We have documented our process to share a behind the scenes look at how our product and technical team ensures success for all Snapt customers and how you can do so too.

The start of the process involved Snapt joining the VMware Technology Alliance Partnership (TAP); which enabled Snapt to develop and deliver proven solutions with VMWare providing tools and resources to test, integrate, and package joint products. The TAP program also provides a range of extras for teams to utilize - from technical resources and more.

After the onboarding process, Snapt’s technical team started the enrollment process for the VMware Ready Certification. VMware provided our technical team with a virtual environment as well different VMware Platform in which we could conduct our tests.

The first range of tests included booting solutions, load tests to memory and disk performance. With these test parameters various data points are inspected to ensure 100% compliance with VMware. For instance, under medium load, the VM is not allowed to exceed an average CPU load of 30% - something Snapt achieves with flying colors.

After completing the range of tests and submitting your logs for review, you can proceed to list your solution on the VMware Solution Exchange.



Not only does listing your solution on the VMware Solution Exchange provide a great opportunity to showcase solutions, it also aids in accelerating growth by allowing flexibility for customers and to run your solution across a range of environments.

For more information on how to obtain your VMware Ready Certification and join Snapt on the VMware Cloud see:

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