Installing Snapt on VMware: Your first install

by Jesse Pols on Tips and Tricks • November 8, 2018
Installing Snapt on VMware: Your first install

It's extremely easy to get Snapt up and running on VMware. This guide will talk about ESXi installations, but Snapt can be run on any VMware platform.

Downloading Snapt

Snapt offers many ways to install and setup the product which can be found on our downloads page, if you are ever unsure which options are right for you please feel free to get in contact with us and we will be happy to assist.

For this example we will make use of VMware ESXi and the OVF download that we provide which is a full install of Snapt packaged into an OVF format for VMware.



Deploying Snapt On VMware ESXi

The OVF makes setting up Snapt on VMware a simple task as you can easily deploy it on ESXi when creating a new server by selecting the the downloaded OVF files, as shown in the example below.


By deploying the OVF when creating a server, you will skip many of the smaller steps that may be misunderstood during the installation. Since the process is shortened it will also save time and leave less room for error - ensuring you are online as fast as possible!

Starting Your First Snapt VM

Once your server has successfully been set up with all the desired settings you can then power it on, the Snapt UI will already be running on port 8080 at this point so all you need now is to get the IP address of your server.

Head over to the web browser you make use of, and type in the IP address of your server followed by port 8080 to access the Snapt UI. Eg:

At this point you have likely already signed up for a Snapt trial or purchased a license, but if not, you will be unable to access the Snapt UI as you will need to log in first. Please go ahead and download Snapt’s free trial to get started.

Your first Snapt VM should now be running on ESXi and the remaining process is a smooth experience as we have a wizard which will guide you through the setup screen.

If at any point you are logged out of the Snapt UI the default username and password is admin / admin.