Introducing the Nova ADC

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Introducing the Nova ADC

Nova is a dynamic, self-scaling ADC. It understands K8S, cloud-native, hyper-scale, and fits into the flexible fabric of DevOps, applications and data.

Static infrastructure environments, like the datacenter, are not how DevOps and modern IT operations teams are deploying. They lack horizontal scalability, resource and performance efficiency, and the ability to be managed by modern teams.

The rise of DevOps practices like microservices, containerization, and multi-cloud deployments have brought significant scale, but they lack the abilities of robust Layer 7 ADCs. They don't "fit" anymore - from business models based on hardware to static configuration and no horizontal scalability the DevOps teams of the world have been left with dull, stock solutions.

Enter Nova, a dynamic, self-scaling ADC. Capable of infinite scale and automation and focusing on the application as a whole – from latency to integrations. Nova is an ADC that understands K8S, cloud-native, hyper-scale, and the needs of DevOps. ADC that fits into the flexible fabric of applications and data.


Nova removes the value, cost, and complexity from the data-plane and manages ADCs from a single deployment to millions.  It supports native service discovery on Kubernetes, Docker, Rancher, Consul, and more. It integrates directly with public cloud to launch ADCs into your network, and it can scale to millions of active ADCs throughout your organization.

Nova has been designed for modern DevOps teams and supports full automation, has an easy-to-use REST API, and a pricing model that makes sense for scale. Pay per Node, and scale-in and out as you see fit.

If you are running microservices based architecture, hosting in public cloud or on cloud-native platforms, have multi-cloud deployments or need a potent, scalable ADC you need to have a look at Nova ADC.

Access to the Nova alpha is currently by invitation only. If you would like to participate, you can register your interest here:

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