Looking at performance and health in the Live Monitor

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Looking at performance and health in the Live Monitor

The next few weeks will see an update to the Balancer roll out with an updated Live Monitor module, as seen below.


Some of the information is being displayed differently, and other information is entirely new to the system. For example, we have included support for the new Snapt Agent coming out soon.

Highlighted items to look at are:

  1. Status: A detailed description of why a server is online, or offline, and how long the health check took.
  2. Rate & Max Rate: the session rate on that server, and the peak session rate since the last reload.
  3. Avg Resp: the average response time from that backend server. This helps to understand if servers are performing poorly.
  4. Responses (HTTP): for HTTP mode groups, you can see the number of responses by status codes. 4xx responses are soft errors, and 5xx responses are hard errors.

If you'd like to get a trial copy of Snapt and test it for yourself, sign up here.

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