Next-gen application delivery for DevOps: the changing tide.

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Next-gen application delivery for DevOps: the changing tide.

DevOps has changed the game, and how applications are being delivered  has complicated things even further. Existing ADC vendors are delivering  new solutions built on architecture that was designed for the world of 20 years ago.

What is so different?

People are paying for overhead, costs and support to bridge that gap.  Resource-intensive solutions with complicated and unnecessary systems  are being patched into ingress controllers and virtual environments. They lack agility, flexibility and customizability, and they continue to  focus on the needs of the old.

ADC today is run by a multi-disciplinary engineer focused less on pure  availability and more on a complete solution. Where there are new tech  solutions available, they aren’t then available to the majority of the ADC market. That’s where Snapt comes  in.

Snapt is easy-to-use, manage and deploy – not because it's simple – but because it's clever! Focus on the metrics and performance of your applications rather than the complexity and overhead of old fashioned solutions.



How do we solve this?

Snapt takes advantage of this growing gulf that is present in the ADC  market – between the actual needs and requirements of modern  architecture, and the patching in of legacy models.

  1. Solve the technical and philosophical differences between the needs of DevOps and the current and future market, and what the ADCs of today provide.
  2. Care about the performance of the application, not just the availability of it.Understand, analyze and communicate valid data – tell a Slack  channel an app server has 500ms of latency more than other servers.
  3. Truly operate at Layer 7 – monitor HTTP replies, intercept error codes and prevent downtime at any cost.
  4. Don’t get in the way of the DevOps process – Snapt functions as a  trusted solution in the flow of the engineer. We focus on their success.
  5. Do this is in pure software – let the specialists deploy to the right environments and support them in their efforts.

These are some of the highlights of the Snapt approach to application delivery. We'd love to show you with a free trial.

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