Nova establishes Snapt as leading provider of application delivery fabric

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Nova establishes Snapt as leading provider of application delivery fabric

Graduating from a successful alpha to a commercial public beta, Snapt Nova is poised to revolutionize application delivery control with unrivalled support for cloud environments, container platforms, self-learning and true hyperscale.

San Francisco, California, February 3, 2020 – Snapt, the pioneering application delivery controller (ADC) company, today announced the commercial public beta of Snapt Nova.

Nova ( is Snapt’s new application delivery control (ADC) solution designed to meet the needs of agile DevOps teams, companies using or transitioning to cloud-native architectures, and those building the world’s largest and most advanced networks.

Nova is the first ADC solution to overcome the challenges of hyperscale networks with global reach. The world’s largest networks require hundreds or even thousands of ADCs; when these ADCs are managed individually, they cannot respond quickly enough to rapidly evolving traffic patterns, threats and failures. The Nova Cloud Controller takes control of any number of network nodes to automatically instantiate and manage Nova ADCs to protect and optimize the network. It uses machine learning and AI, along with Snapt’s proprietary zero-latency technology, to respond to events in real-time, faster than any human operator. Nova makes hyperscale a reality. 

For those managing complex networks that mix private, public and hybrid environments, Nova ADCs can run in multiple locations and in any combination of clouds, containers and VM, simultaneously. For convenience, Nova integrates with popular cloud providers including Amazon EC2 and DigitalOcean.  

To make setup faster, Nova supports native service discovery on cloud-native container platforms including Kubernetes, Docker and more. Nova’s close integration and high performance with East-West load balancing (essential for microservices) establishes Snapt as the leading Kubernetes-native ADC solution provider.

 “We are pleased to provide Nova users close integration with so many platforms that are critical to their workflows,” said Doug Cherry, Chief Commercial Officer, Snapt. “We are incredibly proud of our partnership with DigitalOcean. Our two companies share similar users and values, and together we are focused on delivering the best experience for teams building and scaling applications in the cloud.”

Nova has previously been available as an alpha product. It is now production-ready and available as a commercial public beta before general availability on March 30, 2020. Early customers are already running production deployments on Nova, such as the Center for Information Management (CIM Inc), an IT solutions provider based in Michigan, USA.

"Nova has been a colossal success in our organization,” said Ben Erridge, CTO, CIM Inc. “It has quickly become an integral part of our products, services and even internal processes. Such a dynamic, secure, and performant ADC is a game changer.”

With Nova’s launch, Snapt has grown from a vendor of software ADCs into a provider of a flexible application delivery fabric that will enable developers and enterprise IT teams to deliver with confidence on any platform, any network, and at any scale.

"Nova brings the critical components of ADC (security, performance, availability and observability) into the modern DevOps world,” said Dave Blakey, CEO, Snapt. “We're enabling production workloads to be deployed into cloud-native solutions like Kubernetes at scale, with security, and I've loved watching what our users have built – I can't wait to see more!"

Snapt Nova is available alongside Snapt Aria (Snapt’s existing high-performance software ADC). With these two complementary products, Snapt is able to provide a hybrid ADC solution suitable for any mixture of traditional and cloud-native architectures.

Nova is available to buy now with a flexible, on-demand pricing structure. To learn more and get started with the free Snapt Nova Community Edition, visit

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Snapt develops modern, high-end software-only solutions for application delivery (including load balancing, web acceleration, caching and security for critical services) that are built for any platform, any network, and any scale. Snapt is a venture-funded, privately held company based in San Jose, CA.

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