Optimizing Application Delivery for Red Hat

by Iwan Price-Evans on DevOps • February 20, 2020
Optimizing Application Delivery for Red Hat

In this blog we look at Red Hat, one of the market’s innovative enterprise Linux OS providers, and how Snapt’s standalone ADC solution, Snapt Aria, meets the needs of Red Hat deployments.   

Red Hat provides open source solutions for enterprises based on Linux, cloud, container and Kubernetes technologies. It is a leading provider of enterprise-grade Linux. According to the latest data from market research firm IDC, Red Hat had a 33.9% share of paid enterprise operating system environments in 2018 compared to Microsoft’s 47.8% market share. It has also developed a Kubernetes-based container platform called OpenShift for hybrid cloud environments.

Other research from IDC, sponsored by Red Hat, has shown that the company’s flagship Enterprise Linux (RHEL) touches one-eighth of the world’s IT footprint and contributes $10 trillion of global economic activity. The company was acquired by IBM last year for an eye-watering $34 billion.

Red Hat’s popularity means there are lots of developers who need an ADC that is optimized for application delivery on Red Hat deployments. 

Red Hat Users Need Modern ADCs

The rise of DevOps engineers, open source software, cloud-native applications and containers – all closely associated with Red Hat usage – are changing the game for enterprise application delivery. This new world of cloud networking and DevOps changes how business-critical applications are deployed and delivered, and this has implications for the ADC market. While legacy ADCs have added new features over time, they were not designed for cloud environments. To bridge this gap, users are likely to pay more in overheads and support for traditional ADC solutions that are overly complex, resource intensive and require specialist staff to maintain.

DevOps engineers typically are not specialists in a specific area, and that includes ADCs. Rather, they are multi-disciplinary IT experts. When it comes to application delivery, they are interested in application performance at a higher level than the nitty-gritty of what the load balancer or web accelerator are doing. They assume an ADC will do its job but require more performance metrics, monitoring and notifications to ensure apps are as fast and as secure as they can be at all times.

Snapt understands these changes and embraced them in our modern approach to ADCs. Our high-performance software ADC, Snapt Aria, is built for the DevOps engineer at enterprises of any size. It is flexible, powerful, customizable, easy to use and it can be deployed in any cloud or virtualized environment to ensure business-critical applications are always up and running. 

How Snapt Supports Red Hat Deployments 

Snapt and Red Hat are a good fit because they are both innovators in their respective fields.

Partnering with Red Hat and becoming certified on their platforms allows Snapt to keep pushing the boundaries and constantly innovate. We’re the only ADC vendor certified for OpenShift deployments, for example. Working with Red Hat also furthers our customer-first mission. Snapt Aria can meet customer requirements for containers and run natively on Red Hat while providing the same performance as we do on any other kind of VM. 

Snapt’s package for Red Hat deployments allows instant installation and ease-of-use on all Red Hat Linux variants and can easily run within a Red Hat VM as well. 

If you’re running Red Hat and looking for a cutting-edge, container-aware ADC solution, Snapt Aria provides loading balancing, web acceleration, web application firewall and global server load balancing. The business benefits include:

  1. Security of your company’s data and servers.
  2. Improved performance, uptime and high availability of critical services.
  3. Lower business costs and reduced total cost of ownership due to software-as-a-service licensing model.
  4. Regulatory compliance for PCI, HIPAA and more, as well as meeting SLA requirements.
  5. Dedicated 24/7/365 in-house support from experts, which minimizes time and resources of the IT team if problems arise.

To see the Snapt Aria in action, try it out for free today.

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