Replace your Microsoft TMG with Snapt Aria

by Craig Risi on Snapt Aria • May 26, 2021
Replace your Microsoft TMG with Snapt Aria

Companies facing the end of life of Microsoft’s Forefront Threat Management Gateway (TMG) are at risk of losing one of their critical pillars of defense against vulnerabilities. With its powerful firewall and web cache solution, TMG has provided a good foundation for protecting many against external threats while also improving the application performance.

Companies currently using TMG need to address this critical gap in their organizational security. The good news is that not only are there many similar solutions out there, but many of them offer a level of security and performance superior to TMG; and by moving to newer, more powerful ADCs, companies will be giving their applications a significant boost.

What features, though, do companies need to look out for from the many vendors out there that would provide sufficient replacement value for TMG? We unpack this below and how Snapt Aria will serve as a suitable replacement for this important cog of organizational security.

4 Features Required To Replace Microsoft Threat Management Gateway

  1. Proxying Web Requests
    Full proxying for all web requests, and the security and request filtering protection of your web servers. This was the core function of TMG, and it is therefore vital that any replacement application provides this. Snapt Aria provides full layer-7 protection, WAF,  and GSLB to ensure that every aspect of your application and critical data is kept secure.
  2. Compliance 
    Protection of critical assets and compliance with the needs of risk audits and security policies. Aria will ensure full compliance with all these critical needs. 
  3. Configurability 
    No system remains static, and as such your chosen replacement needs to be configured around your organization's needs. Aria comes with flexible licensing and no over-provisioning to ensure that your costs are kept minimal and optimal. Why pay for more than you need? It’s more than just price though. With Aria, you get a sophisticated API that provides full control over every aspect of the operation.
  4. Ease Of Use
    One of TMGs strengths was that it was simple to work with, which is why so many companies chose to entrust their security to TMG. Any replacement needs to be just as easy to work with to ensure a smooth and seamless migration. Snapt is a Microsoft Partner, so you can have confidence that Aria will easily integrate seamlessly with your servers.

However, why settle for merely replacing TMG when you can use this opportunity to further enhance other aspects of your applications too?

Cut the Cost of Uptime with Snapt Aria

Up to 5X faster application performance, and 80% lower TCO compared with the competition. Aria is a software ADC providing total protection and agility.

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4 Upgrades From Microsoft Threat Management Gateway

Snapt Aria is at the forefront of ADC technology. Aria offers superior security in all the above replacement thresholds and includes many advanced features that companies will soon find indispensable.

  1. Accelerating Your Performance 
    Using intelligent caching, filtering techniques, and laid adjustment, Aria ensures that your applications remain highly performant and highly available to clients at all times. 
  2. Load Balancing 
    Snapt Aria doesn’t just filter traffic for protection; it is also able to assess the load of the underlying system, to allow your system to scale and meet the changing demands of your customers.
  3. Deploy Anywhere 
    You can deploy Aria easily in any cloud or on-premises environment, on physical servers, VMs, and the Hyper-V hypervisor. Aria provides your organization with scalability to meet both current and future needs.
  4. Advanced Visibility and Analytics 
    Aria provides you with full visibility of the information traveling through your systems, offers insight into how to improve security, and allows you to be proactive in addressing your security needs.

All this certainly sounds expensive, but with Aria offering 80% lower TCO compared with traditional solutions, it's not just better but will save your company money too. 


Security is something no company can take for granted With TMG reaching EOL, many companies are losing a critical part of their application security; they have an urgent need to find a replacement, but also an opportunity to embrace newer technology and take their applications and security to the next level.

For information on how to move to Snapt Aria, you can read our Threat Management Gateway Replacement solutions page.