Snapt Nova supports Envoy Gateway with Kubernetes app services

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Snapt Nova supports Envoy Gateway with Kubernetes app services

The Envoy community announced Envoy Gateway at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon in Europe. The Envoy Gateway is a new project intended to improve support for Kubernetes deployments via the new Kubernetes Gateway API, the next generation Kubernetes Ingress.

Envoy Gateway is designed to function as a native Kubernetes ingress controller for Envoy, which until now has been a missing piece of the Envoy and Kubernetes solution. Envoy Gateway will address the significant fragmentation in solutions for Kubernetes ingress by providing a standard implementation for users and for companies like Snapt to use.

Snapt Nova is a cloud-native and container-friendly application services platform providing load balancing a WAAP security on-demand for Kubernetes ingress. Snapt Nova's centralized control plane and lightweight data plane worker nodes enable scaling, security, and visibility in multi-cloud, multi-location, and extensive enterprise installations. Check out the datasheet.

Snapt Nova will fully support the Envoy Gateway allowing users to leverage our advanced WAAP, multi-location availability, and visibility features in Kubernetes. Snapt Nova includes a modern web GUI and full REST API so users can deploy, monitor, and automate in whichever way is easiest for them.

As we follow the Envoy community’s progress over the coming weeks and months on the new Envoy Gateway, you can look forward to AI-powered Layer 7 HTTP/S security, bot protection, threat intelligence, autoscaling, detailed application visibility, and more from the Snapt team.

Snapt is also attending KubeCon Europe, 16-20 May. Come find us at booth S32 on the show floor or our virtual booth here: (link for registered attendees only).

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