Snapt Welcomes Jason Oehley as VP of Channel & Alliances  EMEA

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Snapt Welcomes Jason Oehley as VP of Channel & Alliances  EMEA

Snapt is proud to announce that Jason Oehley has joined the Snapt team as VP of Channel and Alliances for the EMEA region. Jason is a technology strategist passionate about developing sustainable business models and leading teams to success.

Throughout his career, Jason has successfully developed channel growth and led teams with vendors including Splunk, F5, VMware, Citrix, Dell & Oracle. We are excited to have Jason bring his skills and experience to the Snapt team.

In his current role as Vice President of Channel and Alliances EMEA at Snapt, Jason is responsible for developing and implementing an ecosystem strategy, with a focus on growth, awareness, and the sustainability of the business throughout EMEA.

"The partner eco-system forms an integral part in the growth of Snapt globally. At Snapt we will be building out a partner strategy to ensure our ecosystem grows with us while offering optimal value to our customers. Snapt is extremely innovative and together with our partners we can accelerate our growth and expansion globally. Come join the extended Snapt family and partner with us!" - Jason Oehley

The Snapt Partner Program provides lucrative growth opportunities for partners seeking to innovate, by offering comprehensive solutions for today’s application delivery challenges. Our Partner Program helps you grow and earn more, and is designed to maximize your revenue stream with annuity-based income.


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Top 5 business benefits of partnering with Snapt

Partnering with Snapt allows you to ensure the safety and uptime of your client’s critical services and virtual infrastructure with a feature-complete load balancer and ADC solution.

1. Maximize Growth

Snapt has been disrupting the market since its launch in 2012 and achieving high year-on-year growth. Today, Snapt has customers across more than 50 countries and works with some of the biggest companies in the world to ensure their websites and services are always online, lightning-fast, and secure. 

2. Easy Recurring Revenue

Join and explore an easy-to-implement recurring revenue model, fit for small, medium, and large enterprises. Our products have an excellent renewal rate and our partners benefit from high recurring revenues and ROI on deals closed.

3. Best-In-Class Technology

Snapt provides the most feature-complete and best-performing software ADCs which all include a load balancer, web accelerator, web app firewall, and GSLB. Our products are software-only, cloud-native, and can be deployed anywhere. We have the best pricing in the industry and global 24/7 support.

4. Price Disruptive Offering For Your Clients

Snapt is often significantly cheaper than competitor offerings, allowing a better revenue opportunity and delivery of better value to your client. IT leaders are under immense pressure to drive down costs. They need to do more with less, balancing reduced budgets against innovation agendas. This means that they need to ensure that networks are modern, efficient, and cost-effective. 

5. Partnership Options To Suit Your Business

At Snapt, we want to partner with you in a way that works for you. That is why we offer partnership options to suit a variety of business models.

Are You Ready To Partner With Snapt?snapt-cta-partner-with-snapt (1)

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