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When To Use Machine Learning (And When Not To)

by Craig Risi on Machine Learning • July 12, 2022

In previous articles, we looked at how machine learning (ML) works and how to choose the right learning model for you. However, just because we can use machine learning, it doesn’t follow that it is always the best solution for any computational problem. So, in this guide, we will look at some of the limitations of ML, when to use it, and when to avoid it.

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Best Back-End Frameworks For Security

by Mark Trent on Security • May 19, 2022

In previous articles, we reviewed some popular high-performance front-end and back-end frameworks. These articles focus on how these frameworks have been developed for high-performance. Here we will look at back-end frameworks that offer developers and product managers highly secure features for application development.

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Best Practices for Building Scalable Applications

by Iwan Price-Evans on Scalability • May 10, 2022

The Internet and web applications have enabled businesses to scale like never before. Previously, a business’s physical footprint restricted it to a particular market, and simple logistics limited the number of transactions per day. A similar company can now create web applications that serve a global audience and process thousands of concurrent transactions. But is this scale available to every business?

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