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How Intelligent Load Balancing Avoids Common RDP Pitfalls

by Iwan Price-Evans on Remote Desktop • October 21, 2019

Today’s workforce is increasingly mobile and remote, as many of us can now work effectively outside our traditional offices thanks to broadband connectivity, advances in networking technology and more capable mobile devices. Remote working not only increases employee productivity but also makes for happier employees who don’t have to contend with the stresses of commuting and can more easily balance work and life commitments. Companies that offer remote working are also more attractive to talented job seekers. But businesses need to be smart about how they support remote access to internal servers in order to minimize costs, prevent network downtime and provide secure connections.

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3 Ways to Optimize Microsoft IIS with an Application Delivery Controller

by Iwan Price-Evans on Load Balancing • September 10, 2019

Microsoft’s Internet Information Services (IIS) is one of the world’s most popular web servers for hosting just about anything on the web. A big part of the attraction, especially for companies that employ DevOps methodologies, is that it’s compatible with all Windows services and runs in Windows environments, which makes it easier to integrate and support business-critical apps. But IIS web servers can also put excessive strain on computing resources and slow down website response times.

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4 Must-Have Features for Load Balancing Microsoft Exchange

by Iwan Price-Evans on Load Balancing • August 1, 2019

Businesses worldwide depend on Microsoft Exchange for a variety of communications applications from email services and collaboration tools to calendars. To ensure the performance of these critical business applications, Microsoft Exchange needs to be highly available to withstand outages, prevent downtime, and protect the system during maintenance and upgrades. It also often requires geographically redundant deployments for disaster recovery and the ability to fail over to backup sites if the system falters. To achieve high availability for your Exchange deployment, load balancing is essential. But what should you look for in a load balancer? Below we’ve highlighted the top four features your load balancer needs to keep your Exchange apps up-and-running and performing optimally.

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How to publish an AWS AMI

by Tim Elston on Tips and Tricks • November 20, 2018

Snapt Aria was designed first and foremost for the cloud, and since it is a software-only solution our customers can access it through whichever platform they use in their environment. The Aria ADC includes load balancing, web accelerating, and web application firewall (WAF) for AWS and EC2.

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