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How Geographic Distance Affects Latency

by Iwan Price-Evans on Performance • February 18, 2022

We often speak of the effect latency has on any network connection and an end user's experience of any application over the internet. But what exactly is latency and why is it such an important factor to consider when planning application infrastructure, including cloud deployment and load balancing?

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4 Reasons To Build A Geographically Distributed Network

by Iwan Price-Evans on GSLB • February 8, 2022

In a world that is more reliant than ever on global connectivity, it’s increasingly important to understand how data traffic flows between different nodes or is routed between different locations, and how to design a network for resilience, performance, and compliance.  When architecting a network for fast, secure, and resilient application delivery (for example, for a multinational e-commerce website or a streaming media service) one of the most important decisions is whether to put all your infrastructure in one location for simplicity or to build a geographically distributed network.

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Multi-Site Clouds Get Smart with GSLB

by Iwan Price-Evans on Performance • October 11, 2019

It’s increasingly common for online businesses to distribute web infrastructure across multiple data centers, or clouds, located in different regions and even in other countries. Rather than putting all their eggs in one cloud basket, deploying in multiple sites ensures web services stay up and running while also improving the performance of those services. Ever wonder how Amazon or Google can serve up requested content in mere seconds to users all over the globe? Part of the reason is that their infrastructure is globally distributed so that they can store and process content closer to where their customers are.

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