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Why Application Metrics and Monitoring Matter

by Iwan Price-Evans on Performance • August 2, 2022

Applications and services are the backbone of a company's digital ecosystem. They ensure that businesses run smoothly, customers are satisfied, and employees can do their jobs effectively. However, all applications have weaknesses that attackers can exploit to compromise users or steal sensitive data. In addition, every application has an expected level of performance that customers expect; if it falls short of its requirements, users will switch providers.

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How To Ensure Faster Disaster Recovery With Less Downtime

by Craig Risi on High Availability • March 24, 2022

As much as technology is improving to enable companies to pursue high availability and cater for disaster mitigation, the reality is that even with the best-made plans, disasters are likely to happen. Servers will fail, the software may run into issues that cause failure, and security incidents are likely to occur that need to be handled. Even with redundancy and distributed networks in place, systems are not immune from failure – even if the likelihood and impact are greatly reduced. 

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Best Practices for Disaster-Resilient Application Infrastructure

by Craig Risi on Tips and Tricks • January 18, 2022

Websites and applications should be designed to be functional, high-performance, and resilient to common and uncommon disasters. Despite your best plans, it’s inevitable that events will conspire to interrupt the smooth operation of your systems. For businesses that depend on software and web services, disasters can have a massive financial impact, making it critical for IT teams to do everything possible to avoid or mitigate them. The way your applications respond to disaster incidents is a good indication of the overall quality of your architecture and code. Today, we will share some tips that should help you and your team build an application infrastructure that is resilient against even the worst disasters.

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Snapt saves retailers from losing sales during Black Friday

by Iwan Price-Evans on Press Releases • November 26, 2021

Tech innovator Snapt helps retailers stay online during the most important sales day of the year by ensuring that websites, applications, and services remain online, secure, and function as fast as possible. San Francisco, Cal. — With the most significant sales of the year happening right after Thanksgiving, Black Friday is the most critical day in the holiday shopping season for retailers. As retail businesses increasingly move focus to online sales, all parts of the sales process must function correctly during the year's biggest sales event—including online offerings. However, Black Fridays past have seen even large retailers like Costco, J.Crew, Walmart, and Lululemon experience issues with their online retail websites, unprepared to meet the surge of online traffic.

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The Most Shocking Thing About Facebook Group's Outage

by Iwan Price-Evans on High Availability • October 5, 2021

What's the most shocking thing about Facebook Group's outage, which took Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp offline on October 4, 2021? The millions of missed messages? That it took around seven hours to identify and resolve the problem? The estimated $50 billion wiped off Facebook's value? No, the most shocking thing is that it took until now for this to happen.

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How secure are your web servers?

by Grant Duke on Performance • February 27, 2020

Picture this: you have just completed a brand new installation of a server (Windows Server, Ubuntu, etc.) where you are going to deploy your organization's web portal. You need to ensure this service stays online and protected from bad actors.

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