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Top Use Cases for Machine Learning in Web Applications

by Craig Risi on Business • July 26, 2022

So, you have a web application, and you are considering exploring some machine learning (ML) solutions to see where they can be of value for your business. Well, the industry has already seen a lot of development and research in this space, so there are already many successful use cases that we can look at to see how ML might benefit your particular application.

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When To Use Machine Learning (And When Not To)

by Craig Risi on Machine Learning • July 12, 2022

In previous articles, we looked at how machine learning (ML) works and how to choose the right learning model for you. However, just because we can use machine learning, it doesn’t follow that it is always the best solution for any computational problem. So, in this guide, we will look at some of the limitations of ML, when to use it, and when to avoid it.

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Introduction to AI: Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Neural Networks, and More

by Iwan Price-Evans on Machine Learning • June 23, 2022

Engineers are making massive strides in the field of artificial intelligence (AI). There is no denying that AI will have a massive impact on how we interact with computing systems in the future and on what we can do with them. This guide will help you to understand what exactly AI—and, more specifically, ML (machine learning)—is and how it works so we can begin our journey into building systems that use this exciting technology.

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Using Machine Learning For Better Threat Intelligence

by Iwan Price-Evans on Security • December 16, 2021

Organizations are operating digital infrastructure at a scale never seen before. This scale is producing enormous volumes of threat data from multiple sources, which requires processing across millions of lines of input on a daily basis. Many businesses and security teams are looking to machine learning (ML) to try to make sense of all the data. In particular, if ML technology can help them to identify threats and respond to them faster and more accurately than a team of human experts doing the work manually, it would provide a significant upgrade to cybersecurity.  In this article, we look at the different ways that a machine learning engine, such as the one built into Snapt’s NovaSense threat intelligence platform, can help security teams to make critical decisions.

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Eliminate The Human Factor In Application Security

by Dave Blakey on Security • September 16, 2021

When it comes to online security, businesses make a lot of effort to ensure they have the right tools, firewalls, and settings in place to protect their applications from the dangerous threat of hackers, viruses, and DDoS attacks. However, the biggest security risk that is often not explored enough is the human factor.

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