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How To Choose The Right Cloud Provider For You

by Craig Risi on Business • October 7, 2021
Many companies have realized that they need to embrace the cloud in some form or another. After all, the cloud offers greater availability across a global landscape as well as improved redundancy and performance regardless of where a user accesses sites, so it’s far easier to use cloud providers’ tools than to bear the burden and expense of managing servers around the globe.
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Why Choose a Multi-Cloud Strategy?

by Craig Risi on Multi-Cloud • July 1, 2021
To cloud or not to cloud? This question has been around for a while now, as the cloud has opened the door to many opportunities for companies. From not needing to maintain expensive servers to additional development infrastructure, better deployment, and scale, moving to the cloud has a lot to offer companies. However, the discussion for many enterprises is perhaps no longer about the need for or the importance of adopting a cloud strategy but about moving toward adopting a multi-cloud strategy.
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8 Steps to Becoming Cloud-Native

by Craig Risi on DevOps • March 25, 2021
The cloud was one of the biggest game-changers in the software development world. It has drastically changed the way that we develop software for a global audience. However, moving to the cloud is far more than just migrating your software systems. It requires a change in the way you think about software design and development, and before you can make this move, you need to understand what it means to design software with a cloud-native mindset.
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Multi-Cloud, Multi-Location and Multi-Platform Load Balancing

by Bethany Hill on Load Balancing • February 24, 2021
Load balancing is a crucial practice for any organization that needs to prioritize scalability and performance. By efficiently distributing network and application traffic across multiple servers, load balancing helps ensure that you can continue providing services to customers while gracefully handling unexpected spikes inactivity.
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12 Benefits and Challenges of Multi-Cloud Architectures

by Bethany Hill on Snapt Nova • February 19, 2021
Gartner, Forrester, and all the major analysts are tracking a huge increase in interest in multi-cloud. A growing number of CIOs, architects, and IT teams are either considering or rolling out multi-cloud architectures for key applications. This is understandable. No one wants to get locked into a single cloud. Multiple clouds may offer enterprises a better way to deliver applications closer to their customers and end users. Going multi-cloud, however, is a complex decision involving multiple trade-offs that every CIO should consider before launching down that path.
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Designing for Scalability: Lessons From Changing Buyer Behavior

by Bethany Hill on Scalability • July 15, 2020
Our first blog of this series outlined the various challenges posed to DevOps and IT leaders resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. In this blog we take a closer look at why businesses need to design applications and IT infrastructure for dynamic scalability and how this can be achieved. 
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Orchestrated ADCs Simplify Management and Scalability

by Iwan Price-Evans on Scalability • June 11, 2020
As your business grows and adapts to changing market conditions, especially during these volatile times, the demands on your cloud IT infrastructure become increasingly complex. Your web servers and critical business applications need to be not only resilient but also flexible enough to handle fluctuating traffic patterns in real time. Centrally orchestrated Application Delivery Controllers (ADCs) simplify these management challenges and enable dynamic scalability across any cloud environment.
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Load Balancing Cloud-Native Environments

by Iwan Price-Evans on Scalability • April 2, 2020
Six years is a very long time in tech. The Application Delivery Controller (ADC) market has changed dramatically since Snapt arrived on the scene six years ago. Back then, traditional hardware load balancers were the rule for managing web server deployments and Snapt was the only software-only ADC on the market. Now the market faces another major transition – the migration to cloud-native environments.
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The Secret to Healthy App Delivery at Scale

by Iwan Price-Evans on Scalability • March 24, 2020
When your IT operations or DevOps teams need to scale-up or scale-out the server systems running critical applications, it’s generally a good sign of business growth. It means there are more visitors coming to your website, more conversions, more product sales or possibly regional or international expansion. But with scaling comes complexity, especially for monitoring and managing application performance. This blog explains the basics of managing Application Delivery Control (ADCs) across multi-cloud deployments, multiple locations and at any scale.
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