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How Geographic Distance Affects Latency

by Iwan Price-Evans on Performance • February 18, 2022

We often speak of the effect latency has on any network connection and an end user's experience of any application over the internet. But what exactly is latency and why is it such an important factor to consider when planning application infrastructure, including cloud deployment and load balancing?

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Does your application infrastructure provide positive ROI?

by Mark Trent on Performance • September 1, 2021

With computing technology constantly evolving, many companies stuck with aging systems need to revisit their current setups and possibly replace them with modern ones that are compatible with the cloud-centric microservices of today. And while keeping up to date with the latest software trends seems like an obvious choice for a technically minded person, the truth is that for many large companies where software is not their primary concern, having to upgrade or replace existing systems is incredibly expensive.

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How We Optimized HubSpot Website Performance and PageSpeed Score

by Iwan Price-Evans on Tips and Tricks • August 26, 2021

HubSpot is a great platform for sales and marketing teams. Unfortunately, the HubSpot CMS does little to help marketers and web developers to optimize their websites for a fast user experience, short page load times, and a good Google PageSpeed score. The CMS backend is relatively slow (with a server response time as high as 1.5 seconds), and exposes few native options for developers to improve on some of the biggest bottlenecks. We overcame the performance limitations of HubSpot's CMS backend and optimized our HubSpot website with these techniques. We used our own product – Snapt Aria ADC – to accelerate the HubSpot website with automatic caching, minifying, compression, rewriting, and SSL offloading. We integrated modern front-end frameworks in HubSpot, replacing most of the HubSpot template and style framework with Tailwind CSS and Alpine.js. Altogether, we took our PageSpeed score from 20 to 95.

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Why Google Page Speed is important for your business

by Iwan Price-Evans on Performance • July 29, 2021

When it comes to websites, many designers focus on an attractive look and feel and a user experience that is easy to use and matches the brand expectations of the company. However, functionality is always the most vital aspect of any web design—and one area that should never be overlooked is the speed factor. You could argue that website performance is the most important factor because no matter how pretty or functional a web page is, if a user has to wait too long for all the elements to load, then they will probably take their browser elsewhere.

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How secure are your web servers?

by Grant Duke on Performance • February 27, 2020

Picture this: you have just completed a brand new installation of a server (Windows Server, Ubuntu, etc.) where you are going to deploy your organization's web portal. You need to ensure this service stays online and protected from bad actors.

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5 Key Metrics For Improving Application Performance

by Iwan Price-Evans on DevOps • February 25, 2020

The rise of DevOps engineers has changed how IT teams monitor the health of their systems and networks. Rather than having a siloed organization with specialized staff managing specific pieces of equipment, a DevOps team comprises tech generalists who take a more holistic view of the system and prioritize application performance. They need a different set of metrics, along with notifications and alerts, to analyze how business-critical applications are performing. This blog highlights five key metrics for optimizing application performance. 

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