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Understanding Threat Intelligence Use Cases

by Dave Blakey on Security • November 24, 2021

We've spoken recently about threat intelligence and the role it plays in protecting organizations, platform infrastructure, data, and transactions from various cyber threats. However, it is important to understand the particular use cases, so you can apply threat intelligence to solve specific security challenges in your organization. 

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Hosted Edge vs Cloud: the battle for latency and security

by Iwan Price-Evans on Cloud • October 14, 2021

We talk a lot about the importance of cloud computing and moving infrastructure into the cloud for better performance and availability on a global scale. However, with expectations for application performance continuing to rise and people connecting in more remote places than ever, some businesses need to do more than simply maintain a cloud presence – they need to consider the benefit of setting up a hosted edge environment. A hosted edge can provide a massive reduction in latency, translating to a huge improvement to user experience, more conversions, more revenue, and better customer retention. However, the edge is often harder to secure than a core network, and more variable than the big public clouds. Can businesses enjoy the latency advantage of the edge with application security they can trust?

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Eliminate The Human Factor In Application Security

by Dave Blakey on Security • September 16, 2021

When it comes to online security, businesses make a lot of effort to ensure they have the right tools, firewalls, and settings in place to protect their applications from the dangerous threat of hackers, viruses, and DDoS attacks. However, the biggest security risk that is often not explored enough is the human factor.

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Best Practices for Edge Security

by Craig Risi on Security • September 7, 2021

In the corporate tech fight against security threats, there is perhaps no struggle more difficult than dealing with Edge Security. While companies can put in extensive security protocols and systems to protect much of their data, applications, and core data centers or cloud servers, monitoring the security of an entire organization and the people working for it is incredibly difficult.  

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Best Practices for Application Data Protection and Fraud Prevention

by Mark Trent on Tips and Tricks • August 17, 2021

It should perhaps go without saying that software security is the number one threat facing many companies in this technological age. With data now the most important asset that companies own and need to protect, security is one area that you can ill afford to compromise on. For this reason, you must develop strategies for securing data specifically, over and above protecting the rest of your IT systems and code.

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Securing Gatsby with Snapt Aria or Nova ADC

by Craig Risi on Security • July 27, 2021

One of the beauties of the software development world is that it’s never static. Tools and technologies are always evolving, so developers are always learning and advancing their knowledge and techniques.  While this makes things incredibly exciting for developers, it also presents many risks, especially in understanding how each new tool, framework, and development language deals with security and ensuring that you as a development team are in a position to deal with this.

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Nine Steps to Building Secure Software

by Craig Risi on Security • April 13, 2021

Cybersecurity may be improving all the time, but it is increasingly outmatched by the ingenuity and creativity of hackers, who keep finding new ways to discover and expose vulnerabilities across very complex ecosystems. We’ve seen some big hacks over the past few years across many industries, and now there is yet another big one that has impacted Microsoft and its Exchange Server, which manages emails and web access for thousands of companies.

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