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Eliminate The Human Factor In Application Security

by Dave Blakey on Security • September 16, 2021
When it comes to online security, businesses make a lot of effort to ensure they have the right tools, firewalls, and settings in place to protect their applications from the dangerous threat of hackers, viruses, and DDoS attacks. However, the biggest security risk that is often not explored enough is the human factor.
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Announcing Nova Version 2, Coming Soon

by Dave Blakey on Product Updates • July 12, 2021
We are proud to announce that the much anticipated Nova Version 2 has an official release window.
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Ensure You Are Protected against Wi-Fi Vulnerabilities

by Craig Risi on Web Application Firewall • June 3, 2021
Wi-Fi connectivity is something we have come to take for granted and see as a basic human right. It’s perhaps quite scary to think of the extent to which we all rely on this particular piece of technology, while many of us are oblivious to the significant vulnerability threat that Wi-Fi poses. One of the most common Wi-Fi vulnerability threats is Wi-Fi encryption attacks.
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To DevOps or Not DevOps?

by Craig Risi on DevOps • May 6, 2021
The problem with industry buzzwords like "DevOps" is that companies feel they need to attach themselves to them in order to remain relevant and retain talent. While wanting to be on the cutting edge of technology is admirable for any company, too often it leads down a path of adopting concepts they don’t fully understand and aren’t prepared for. 
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12 Benefits and Challenges of Multi-Cloud Architectures

by Bethany Hill on Snapt Nova • February 19, 2021
Gartner, Forrester, and all the major analysts are tracking a huge increase in interest in multi-cloud. A growing number of CIOs, architects, and IT teams are either considering or rolling out multi-cloud architectures for key applications. This is understandable. No one wants to get locked into a single cloud. Multiple clouds may offer enterprises a better way to deliver applications closer to their customers and end users. Going multi-cloud, however, is a complex decision involving multiple trade-offs that every CIO should consider before launching down that path.
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Load Balancing Kubernetes on DigitalOcean

by Bethany Hill on Kubernetes • December 22, 2020
Many of our customers are exploring the use of Kubernetes. Some are looking to use it as part of a multi-cloud strategy to reduce business risk. Others are looking at dividing monolithic apps into microservices and leveraging Kubernetes as a management and orchestration plane for all the separate services created from the decoupled application.
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Snapt Nova vs HAProxy: A Slightly Biased Comparison

by Bethany Hill on HAProxy • November 11, 2020
We get asked often by developers starting new companies or projects how Snapt's Nova Community Edition compares to the HAProxy you can download. It's a good question and a good debate to have. 
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Introduction to the Nova Web Application Firewall

by Bethany Hill on Security • October 30, 2020
You can enable Nova's Web Application Firewall (WAF) on any HTTP/S Nova ADC with a single click of a button, and it is easy to use and manage. Learn how it works in this demo.
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Designing for Infrastructure Agility: Lessons for Economic Opportunity

by Bethany Hill on Scalability • August 13, 2020
The pandemic forced rapid scale-up and highlighted design decisions as critical to building an adaptive business. With the global economy suffering the consequences of COVID-19 and national lockdowns, there has been a large focus on cutting costs, reducing staff and stripping back to the bare necessities. In the land of application delivery and cloud computing, the reverse has happened. Companies rushed to provision more capacity in response to sustained increases in traffic and usage driven by the move from offline to online for so many activities.  
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