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Efficient GRC with cybersecurity tooling

by Iwan Price-Evans on Security • May 5, 2022

“Governance, risk, and compliance” (GRC) might be dirty words for many people working in application development and delivery. Strict rules and processes can be obstacles to innovation or meeting project deadlines. However, with security failures causing downtime, lost revenue, leaked customer and proprietary information, and hefty regulatory fines, application teams cannot afford to ignore GRC measures designed to limit the probability and potential for harm.

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3 Key Steps To Identify And Block Application Attacks

by Iwan Price-Evans on Security • March 10, 2022

It feels good to successfully launch your application on the internet, but what do you do when certain people want to cause trouble? Malicious users can create distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, search for vulnerabilities to steal your data, install ransomware to extort money from you, or do other bad things. How can you detect all these cybersecurity threats and prevent them from abusing your application?

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Global Real-Time, Real-World Threat Intelligence for your WAF

by Iwan Price-Evans on Security • March 3, 2022

The foundation of a good security program is the use of comprehensive surveillance information. It is hard to protect physical and digital assets if you do not know the ways the bad actors are trying to get through your defenses. Ideally, you would observe criminals and see where they are and which methods they are using. In the real world, this is often not the case and we must make educated guesses. But what if we had access to real-world information so we did not have to guess?  

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Ensure You Are Protected against Wi-Fi Vulnerabilities

by Craig Risi on Web Application Firewall • June 3, 2021

Wi-Fi connectivity is something we have come to take for granted and see as a basic human right. It’s perhaps quite scary to think of the extent to which we all rely on this particular piece of technology, while many of us are oblivious to the significant vulnerability threat that Wi-Fi poses. One of the most common Wi-Fi vulnerability threats is Wi-Fi encryption attacks.

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How secure are your web servers?

by Grant Duke on Performance • February 27, 2020

Picture this: you have just completed a brand new installation of a server (Windows Server, Ubuntu, etc.) where you are going to deploy your organization's web portal. You need to ensure this service stays online and protected from bad actors.

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