Testing your website's speed, security and SEO readiness

by Dave Blakey on Tips and Tricks • October 25, 2018

There are so many business reasons you need to worry about your websites speed, security and optimizations. To list a few:

  1. Google (and other search engines) favor sites that have a better SSL rating and PageSpeed score.
  2. Users will abandon your site much faster than you think (blog).
  3. SSL security is a critical component of protecting your services, data and users. The average website hack costs over $250,000.

Understanding your websites current state is the first step in the process.

Tests to Run

These are our personal favorites when helping a client to optimize their website or service.

SSL Server Test - a thorough tests against your webserver to pick up SSL security problems. You should focus on getting an A+ rating. You can learn how to easily get your A+ SSL rating with Snapt if you are an existing client, or get a free trial here.

PageSpeed Insights - Google's official tool for checking the quality of your page speed optimizations. You should expect to see a score of 85 or higher for both mobile and desktop.

Test your Site - Snapt's own optimization suggestion tool will help you with quick fixes and an understanding of your problems.

Pingdom Speed Test - a nice waterfall view of where your site is taking the longest to load, etc.

SEO Status - reasonably thorough and free test of your websites SEO readiness that's a good idea to throw in!

How To Correct

The Snapt ADC includes the Snapt Accelerator which will transparently optimize your site while the traffic passes through the load balancer. You can automatically get A+ ratings, 90+ PageSpeed scores and more with the product.

Try it for free today.

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