Top 5 Benefits of Web Acceleration

by Dave Blakey on Tips and Tricks • September 3, 2018
Top 5 Benefits of Web Acceleration

Having a web presence today is crucial. After all, there are currently more than 290 million internet users today across the U.S., and the web is the place where most consumers go when they are looking to make purchasing decisions.

Many businesses have realized the importance of having an online footprint. After all, there are currently more than 1 billion sites on the web. However, while the huge number of websites is encouraging and convenient for customers, that proliferation can pose a challenge for businesses. When there are so many sites on the web, how do you make yours stand out?

One of the most important ways to ensure that internet users choose to visit your website over your competitors is to focus on speed. Sites that have a fast load time are more popular than those that are slow, and ensuring that your site functions quickly can help it succeed.

One helpful strategy for guaranteeing that your website functions quickly and efficiently is using web acceleration. Web acceleration speeds up the information transfer time between web servers and internet users' browsers, and it can be a powerful tool for helping your website succeed. To understand how you can benefit from web acceleration, read more about its five best benefits below.

1. It Can Help Ensure that Customers Choose Your Site -- and Not a Competitor's

Speed is a key factor in determining whether your website will succeed or fail. Studies on webpage loading times show that users expect a page to load within two seconds, and that they'll abandon a site that takes more than three seconds to load. By using a web accelerator, you can ensure that your site loads quickly, and that consumers won't abandon your site for a faster competitor's.

2. It Can Increase Conversions

When your website presents users with faster load times, it makes for happier customers. This means that they are more likely to have positive associations with your company and buy. An increased conversion rate is always a good thing.

3. It Can Decrease Infrastructure Costs

When you use a web accelerator like the one provided by Snapt, you can save money on infrastructure. Snap allows you to offload web servers from serving static content and encrypting SSL sessions, which means your web servers can do more for less.

4. It Keeps Your Web Servers Safer

In addition to optimizing your website, a web accelerator is also charged with the task of keeping your web servers safe. Web accelerators can protect your servers from attacks and DoS attempts, while also keeping your site online for legitimate users. This helps ensure that both your information and customers' information stays safe and protected, while minimizing potential downtime.

5. It Can Automatically Optimize Your Site

Using a web accelerator like Snapt can not only decrease load times for your users, but it can also automatically optimize the overall functionality of your site. Snapt provides inline optimization that minimizes JavaScript and CSS, reduces image sizes, fixes on-page problems and more. This means that your users don't only experience a page that is faster, but also one with better UX.

If you're a company that depends on its website to function, consider using a web accelerator to maximize business. By using a web accelerator, you can simultaneously speed up your site, handle bursts and reduce cost, creating a better experience for both your company and the people who do business with you.

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