Upgrading Your Snapt License

by Ross van der Pas on Snapt Aria • December 18, 2018
Upgrading Your Snapt License

Snapt comes in two flavors, Standard and Enterprise. Upgrading from a Standard license to an Enterprise license has many benefits.

Snapt provides 24/7/365 global support with SLA-backed guarantees, knowledgeable in-house support staff, an online, responsive system, with large knowledge base and full stack support, including the operating system across all Snapt packages.

However, after making use of Snapt for a while you may come to realize that your current requirements have changed and you need to upgrade to a more substantial package.

This following guide highlights various options and features across the enterprise range.

Reasons to Upgrade

There are many advantages to upgrading your Snapt license to our enterprise packages. We have focused on the most common reasons below.

  1. Upstreams: When changing to a higher tier of license within our standard packages your amount of upstreams (Backend IP and port combinations which you send traffic to) will increase. Enterprise packages offer unlimited upstreams and much more.
  2. Redundancy: On our Bronze and Silver standard licenses you will have to purchase a second license to make use of Redundancy Gold and Platinum standard licenses have special pricing available for redundant bundles. Enterprise packages include free redundancy, without sizing or scaling limits.
  3. Support: We pride ourselves on our level of support across all packages. Package types affect the SLA guarantee you receive for support, your priority on the system and the level of support. Our standard packages, have 4 hour SLAs compared to the 1 hour SLAs on our enterprise packages, which also include telephonic support and consultancy services.
  4. Active connections: Our standard packages have a soft limit to the amount of active connections which are coming through the Accelerator. Higher tiers of licenses offer higher caps to the active connections.

Benefits of Enterprise

The benefits of enterprise include unlimited performance, upstreams and connections, SLA guaranteed support with a 1 hour response time, as well as LDAP authentication for Snapt logins, and 2-factor authentication and more. Compare the packages in more detail here.

Upgrading FAQ

The most commonly asked question around upgrading a license and paying the full price or difference. With Snapt, when upgrading your license, you are only required to pay the difference between the two.

If you decide you would like to upgrade, we add the remaining days on top of your renewal time. For instance, if you have 30 days left on your license and you decide to renew the 30 days will be added to the 365-day renewal - which will mean that you have 395 days left before next renewal.

Considering upgrading or want to learn more? Simply visit the Snapt shop, or contact the support team at support@snapt.net for more information around which package suits your environment and requirements.