Work at Snapt, join the team!

by Dave Blakey on Business • November 12, 2018

Snapt is growing rapidly and has opportunities available in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Atlanta, and San Francisco.

What is Snapt?

Snapt is a young, fast-growing company that provides application delivery  software for companies of all sizes. Our products and services are  designed to improve and protect our clients’ virtual infrastructure,  while providing fast delivery and a stellar customer experience.

The  Snapt ADC is a total application delivery platform that ensures your  site is always online, always fast, and always safe. We provide load  balancing, security, caching, and acceleration to websites or services –  with unparalleled support.

What sets Snapt apart?

Our  people constantly work to push the limits. We pride ourselves on our determination, motivation and ingenuity. Using bleeding edge technology  and revolutionary leadership, we deliver market-leading solutions at unrivaled prices, with very little support required. This helps us  deliver superior services – fast.

Why join Snapt?

Snapt  offers its professionals a working environment that suits them best,  whether that means working from home or the office. We want our people  to work in an environment where their brilliant minds can create  brilliant things. We want to continue growing and improving every day by  hiring talented, passionate people who want to join our journey to the  top.

Snapt's Cape Town office


The three core values of Snapt

  1. Build the best product: Snapt makes the best product available. We aim to stay on the bleeding edge, with a product that is powerful and easy to use.
  2. Work with the best clients: We target people like us! Developers, DevOps and high-tech, fun people.  We build the solutions they need, the way they want them.
  3. Support our clients with passion: We support the product – and our remarkable clients – better than anyone  else. We have the quickest response times and the highest renewal rates  in the game.

The job board

We post our openings on our Careers page, where you can apply for jobs. Be sure to check it out!
The world is filled with amazing people capable of great things. If you are one of them, we hope you will join us.