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Navitas Solutions Ltd

Navitas Solutions uses the Load Balancer to reduce latency between users and their servers, greatly improving customer satisfaction.

Navitas provides practical plugins, simple software and brilliant bespoke programs to all major GDS systems. The business grew rapidly through word of mouth, and 10 years on, Navitas is the developer of choice for dozens of TMCs, ranging from boutique agencies to global travel solution providers.

Business challenges

We needed to move our online services from the US to the UK – however, no UK provider could provide a reasonably priced load balancing solution.

In the US, we had a hardware load balancer in place, so we needed to find a solution that would provide the stability and speed of a hardware solution, but that was software-based.


We did an online search and read various reviews. It seemed the Snapt Load Balancer was a great solution.

We chose Snapt based on the price, support provided and feature set. We needed a solution that would grow with our needs, and that also controlled different load balancing configurations. The Snapt solution allows this by providing a great user interface, where new servers can be added on the fly, and we can adjust the priority between servers when needed.


Knowledgeable and prompt service – excellent

With Snapt’s solution, we were able to move our servers to UK-based hosting providers, which has reduced latency between our users and the servers. In turn, this has improved customer satisfaction. We have also moved from a single server infrastructure to introduce redundancy to our most frequently used systems.

I would recommend Snapt to other companies and institutions because it is a very fast appliance with a lot of features that we could not find in most other systems. They have very professional support and service.

The main difference is being able to provide a more robust infrastructure for our end customers – if a server ever falls over, the load balancer performs its job, redirecting everyone to the available servers to ensure continuity.

Response times from Snapt support are excellent! An example of their great service is when they helped us with an installation. We do not have much experience with the Linux server environment, so we were having some trouble deploying the solution. The support staff remotely completed the install for us, and even configured our firewall to allow the correct connections. It was all very straightforward and fast, and we were up and running in no time.

I would absolutely recommend Snapt to other companies – in fact, we have!

In Summary

With Snapt, Navitas Solutions was able to:

  • Move servers to UK-based hosting providers
  • Reduce latency
  • Introduce redundancy
  • Improve customer satisfaction
Products Used

Accelerator, Balancer, WAF


“I would absolutely recommend Snapt to other companies – in fact, we have!”Paul Toomey, Co-owner of Navitas


accelerator, adc, balancer