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Save on resorts

Since using the Balancer, Save on Resorts has reduced its staff’s workload and made huge cost savings.

Save on Resorts provides travel clubs around the world with an unparalleled technology and fulfillment service. Members have access to incredible online travel savings and a team of professionally trained Travel Concierges to assist in any of their travel planning.


Vacations start with choices…where, when, and how to get the best deals. works with private vacation clubs, corporations, and top resorts to ensure their members enjoy travel options that fit their lifestyle, expectations, and budget. We provide innovative premiums and supportive online user experiences to make choices easier and incentivize return use.

Business challenges

We needed a solution that worked effectively and that was easy for us to use. We wanted a reliable system that could act as a reverse proxy and could distribute traffic across a number of servers to increase the capacity of applications.


The Snapt system appealed to me when I conducted an online search for solutions. The price point was affordable and I felt it was worth investing in this solution if it was easy to use. We decided on the Snapt Balancer.

Snapt’s easy-to-use interface makes putting together reports and statistics very simple. It helped reduce our workload and allowed staff to get things done more efficiently. The API custom toolsets are hugely beneficial, as they are easy to integrate


I have used the support tickets a couple of times. My queries were sorted out immediately and the turnaround time was much quicker than I had expected. I have spoken to CEO Dave Blakey a few times too, and he was very helpful.


Great utilization of HAProxy and very user-friendly.

Using Snapt in conjunction with HAProxy has allowed us to easily manage our load balancer. It provides an essential API The transparent analyzer also provides valuable reports and information that has allowed us to effortlessly track down problems with slow URLs.

Snapt has helped us save a substantial amount of money, and has improved the user experience and response times in our systems.

We would definitely recommend Snapt to other companies. The application is easy to use and their support is outstanding!

In Summary

With Snapt, Save on Resorts was able to:

  • Put together reports and statistics easily
  • Reduce their workload
  • Save a huge amount of money
  • Improve the user experience
  • Improve response times
Products Used

Accelerator, Balancer, WAF


“The application is easy to use and their support is outstanding!” Matt Rhoades, Systems Engineer,


accelerator, adc, balancer