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We are proud to announce EvoScale!EvoScale is a new product in development at Snapt which will allow cloud based management of haproxy load balancers (and more in the future). The product is focussed on the belief that organizations have more and more load balancer deployments and need an efficient and smart, centralized way to manage them.Sign up for the beta now to avoid missing your chance!...

Due to an urgent infrastructure change we have had to change the source IP addresses for the two Snapt Cloud and Snapt Central clusters. This should have no effect on majority of users, but if you have restricted access via a firewall please update it to allow the following two addresses: that your replication and monitoring services should restore immediately....

Snapt Cloud now allows (and forces) SSL connections for secure browsing and is available via IPv4 and IPv6.If you haven't checked it out yet go ahead and to create a free account....