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Snapt gives you a complete package for modern apps with centralized load balancing and WAAP security, multi-cloud, unlimited scale, and simple pricing

Cloud Neutral
Cheaper Scale
Unified Platform

Snapt is the best app services platform
for hyperscale and multi-cloud

Snapt provides scalable application load balancing for AWS, just like Amazon ALB.
Unlike ALB, Snapt provides a complete app services platform with multi-cloud, unlimited scale, and simple predictable pricing.

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What makes Snapt different from ALB?

Amazon ALB  provides convenient access to cloud-native load balancing right inside AWS, which is great if you're building modern apps in Amazon's public cloud.

But like all things, ALB isn't for everyone. If you need a complete enterprise-grade app services platform, multi-cloud portability, and affordable, predictable scaling, then Snapt is the better fit for you.

Snapt is a complete app services platform for AWS

Amazon ALB provides Layer 7 load balancing and basic security (SSL/TLS termination). Everything else is sold separately, with its own pricing and fragmented management. Support for HTTP/S and gRPC only.

Snapt gives you a full suite of modern app services with broad protocol support. No clunky add-ons, no extra charges.

  • HTTP/S, TCP, UDP, SSL/TLS (including mutual TLS), RDP, MySQL, Exchange
  • Layer 7 and Layer 4
  • API gateway
  • Kubernetes ingress
  • Bot protection
  • Threat intelligence
  • Anomaly detection
  • DDoS mitigation
  • Caching and Compression
  • Central control 

Snapt is multi-cloud and cloud-neutral

ALB is integrated perfectly with Amazon AWS and EC2. This is great for organizations that only use Amazon cloud services. But for hybrid or multi-cloud environments or teams wanting to adopt best-of-breed solutions, this kind of vendor lock-in is an obstacle.

Snapt supports your multi-cloud strategy with 100% cloud-neutral app services. Snapt works with any cloud, any container platform, any VM and hypervisor, and even on bare metal. Snapt's open REST API enables orchestration and automation with any platform and outputs telemetry to any data management and visualization tool.

Best of all, Snapt works the same no matter where or how you deploy. You get all the same features, the same performance, and the same great results. And if you need to shift to a new environment, you take all your config, data, and machine learning intelligence with you.


Snapt is designed for security, observability, and maintenance at scale

Running ALB at scale requires that you navigate a complex set of limitations.

  • Each ALB instance supports a maximum of 100 rewrite rules, while many enterprises use thousands of rules that change daily.
  • Limits on ALB's TLS certificates restrict the max number of HTTPS hosts to 25 unless you use wildcards.
  • Perhaps the biggest challenge to scale is that ALB instances do not share threat information or stats, so comprehensive security and observability require extra layers of orchestration.

Snapt Nova helps you scale without limit. Unlimited backends, unlimited servers, unlimited rules and certificates, unlimited connections, and unlimited SSL TPS. The central control plane syncs threat data and app telemetry to/from all nodes so you can grow safely and efficiently.


Snapt pricing is simple and predictable

ALB supports autoscaling – at a price. Pricing is tied to usage. This is great for smaller operators with only Dev and Test environments or low production traffic. But larger operators can face monthly charges of $25,000 for just 2x ALB instances processing 50TB/month at 50,000 RPS.

Budgeting for ALB can be hard. Usage-based pricing is complex, based on full hours and partial hours for each ALB instance plus each Load Balancer Capacity Unit (LCU). There are third-party tools just to help calculate costs, which says a lot.

Snapt Nova gives you the choice of simple usage-based billing or predictable fixed pricing per node. Snapt Nova Enterprise with unlimited capacity and all features on two nodes can cost as little as $800/month.

Snapt also helps lower your total cost of ownership and reduce cloud costs by 30%. Snapt Nova uses lightweight worker nodes capable of running on 2-core CPUs and even ARM with a minimum performance of 10,000 SSL TPS per node. These nodes are totally dynamic and ephemeral so scale-in is 100% efficient.


Switching To Snapt Provides Value For Your Business

Snapt Nova is the first and only true multi-cloud Load Balancing as-a-Service and WAF/WAAP platform in the world.

Scale 10-100x greater than competitors.

Near-zero latency communication between the Nova Controller and lightweight worker nodes means virtually no limit on scale-out.

Reduce cloud costs by 30%.

Lightweight autoscaling worker nodes consume less compute resources than the competition and scale-in efficiently when demand drops.

Improve application performance by 5X.

Content caching, minification, compression, and SSL-offload reduces load times, bandwidth, and server load.

Protect against zero-day attacks.

Snapt Nova threat intelligence tracks threat actors, keeps the Nova WAF up-to-date, and helps block zero-day attacks.

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