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Snapt gives you a complete package for modern apps with more scale, more intelligence, and more freedom

Cloud Neutral
Higher Scale
Unified Platform

Snapt is the best app services platform
for hyperscale and multi-cloud

Snapt provides load balancing and security for applications and APIs, just like Nginx.
Unlike Nginx, Snapt provides a complete integrated solution with central control, autoscaling, and multi-cloud as standard.

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What makes Snapt different from Nginx?

Nginx provides application services as part of F5's application delivery solutions. It's been a good option for teams providing resilience and security for websites and modern apps, especially those built on Nginx's application server.

But like all things, Nginx isn't for everyone. If you need centralized control, autoscaling and multi-cloud, or a SaaS deployment model, then Snapt is the better fit for you.

Snapt has one unified central control plane

Nginx provides central control of application services with a decoupled control plane and data plane. But Nginx requires multiple Controller products to achieve this, adding cost and complexity. Even with these central control products, Nginx users must manually install Nginx Plus, Agents, and the WAF security add-on.

Snapt Nova has one unified control plane providing load balancing, global traffic routing, and web application and API protection on-demand to millions of data plane nodes with a real-time low-latency connection. App services are created and destroyed as needed, with no manual installation. Centralized machine learning intelligence and observability complete the package.

Snapt Nova uses lightweight worker nodes capable of running on 2-core CPUs and even ARM without sacrificing performance of 10,000 SSL TPS per node. These nodes are totally dynamic and ephemeral so scale-in is 100% efficient


Snapt has AI security and resilience built-in

Nginx users must buy the web application firewall (WAF) separately. Global server load balancing (GSLB) and high availability are only available via F5 DNS and BigIP, creating a complex and costly patchwork of systems that might not work in your cloud-native architecture.

Snapt Nova includes a powerful built-in WAF providing OWASP Top 10 defense, including layer 7 DoS protection. The WAF uses machine learning for traffic profiling, anomaly detection, and bot protection. Snapt Nova's AI enables autonomous response to security anomalies.

Threat intelligence is built into Snapt Nova, pulling threat data from third-party sources and Snapt's own network of worldwide threat sensors. Updates arrive in seconds, not minutes, providing near real-time threat intelligence.

GSLB and high availability come as standard, providing resilience to every user.


Snapt is autoscaling and multi-cloud

Nginx supports integration with public cloud, but only AWS. Autoscaling in the cloud is not possible. 

Snapt Nova supports native autoscaling of dynamic app services in any environment. In only 30 seconds, Snapt Nova can launch app services in any cloud in the world, scaling out to meet demand and scaling in to save resources.

Snapt Nova is 100% cloud-neutral and platform agnostic. Snapt works with any cloud, any container platform, any VM and hypervisor, and even on bare metal.

Best of all, Snapt works the same no matter where or how you deploy. You get all the same features, the same performance, and the same great results. And if you need to shift to a new environment, you take all your config, data, and machine learning intelligence with you.


Snapt works as a SaaS or self-hosted

Nginx's centralized control plane provides application services in a self-hosted model but does not provide a solution for organizations wanting a managed SaaS platform for Load Balancing as-a-Service (LBaaS). Nginx's self-hosted solution requires customers to pay for and manage the Nginx Controller – adding cost and management overhead.

Snapt Nova provides all the benefits of a centralized control plane – dynamic app services, autoscaling, multi-cloud, and observability – with the freedom to deploy self-hosted in your own infrastructure or deploy as a true SaaS from Snapt's cloud.

Snapt Nova's SaaS deployment provides rolling updates and new features, with no extra infrastructure cost or management overhead.


Switching To Snapt Provides Value For Your Business

Snapt Nova is the first and only true multi-cloud Load Balancing as-a-Service and WAF/WAAP platform in the world.

Scale 10-100x greater than competitors.

Near-zero latency communication between the Nova Controller and lightweight worker nodes means virtually no limit on scale-out.

Reduce cloud costs by 30%.

Lightweight autoscaling worker nodes consume less compute resources than the competition and scale-in efficiently when demand drops.

Improve application performance by 5X.

Content caching, minification, compression, and SSL-offload reduces load times, bandwidth, and server load.

Protect against zero-day attacks.

Snapt Nova threat intelligence tracks threat actors, keeps the Nova WAF up-to-date, and helps block zero-day attacks.

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