Balmain Case Study

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Snapt Helped Balmain Utilize Multiple Main Servers Simultaneously With Our Load Balancer 

Balmain is a broad-based financial services organization, with activities spanning commercial mortgage finance (both arranging and lending) and investment funds management. Our skilled people and unique ability to access wholesale institutional funds, bank balance sheets, retail funds management and private markets both locally and overseas has enabled Balmain to provide a funding experience which cannot be matched.

Business Challenges

Before we started using Snapt, we were unable to balance our mail server loads on multiple servers. We were only using one server for incoming and outgoing mail, with the other servers on standby.

We needed to scale our Exchange environment, as well as introduce redundancy. Snapt has a specialized Exchange wizard as a part of its load balancer, easily enabling this.


We came across the Snapt website while searching the internet for possible solutions. We decided to make use of Snapt Balancer because it was great value for money and easy to use and set up.

“Response times from the [Snapt] customer service team were under five minutes.”


Snap-a-Snapt... Value for money!

We can now load balance and utilize multiple Exchange servers at the same time, and also have standby and backup/failover servers. We no longer need to worry about mail flow and redundancy. We often recommend Snapt to other companies because of the ease of use and reliability.

In Summary

With Snapt, Balmain was able to:

  • Scale its Exchange infrastructure easily
  • Add full redundancy to its Exchange install
  • Easily and quickly achieve all of this thanks to the easy-to-use Snapt product
  • Save a dramatic amount of money compared to Snapt’s competitors

We often recommend Snapt to other companies because of the ease of use and reliability.