Snapt Increases IntelliMali Scalability - Handling Up To 18 Billion Requests Daily Without Incident

IntelliMali specialises in the payment and administration of funds through its solutions IntelliCard and IntelliCell. IntelliMali facilitates payments for funders who wish to use their card at various retailers, and also disburses funds through cash allowances for students.


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Business Challenges

IntelliMali first realized they needed a new solution after onboarding a large client requiring capacity they could not handle with their infrastructure at the time.

Stephen Meyer, Senior IT Manager of IntelliMali, told us that “everything fell over” when the surge of new requests entered the system, explaining that their “system wasn’t created to handle that kind of volume”.

Following this, Stephen began to search for a new solution. After trying out solutions such as CloudFlare and Ngnix, and struggling to meet the company’s need for visibility, reporting and load balancing, Stephen came across Snapt.

Snapt’s team reached out to Stephen to discuss IntelliMali’s needs, and how Snapt could meet them. Stephen decided that Snapt would be the best solution for IntelliMali.


“One thing I can say for sure is that Snapt has definitely lightened the load on myself and my support team.”

Snapt’s Solution

IntelliMali purchased Snapt Aria, which they use for load balancing, web application firewall (WAF) and web acceleration.

IntelliMali was looking for a solution that would work “out of the box”, according to Stephen. They also needed vendor support because they did not have the internal expertise to set up and configure the solution.

Stephen said that Snapt “was able to provide the load balancing capability that we need, the reporting capability that we need, and the level of security with the web application firewall.” He added that “the support team has really been great in assisting with setting things up for us”.

Benefits and Improvements

On an average day, IntelliMali receives around 20,000 to 30,000 requests. On Black Friday in 2020, while using Snapt Aria, they received over 18 billion requests, and experienced no complaints and no alerts from their system.

Stephen reflected on his personal experience since installing Snapt:

“One thing I can say for sure is that Snapt has definitely lightened the load on myself and my support team, because before it was a huge stress and we just had to manage. We basically needed to check if the server was running, whether or not we needed to restart it because the volume was toohigh, and we had to monitor it all the time. It was very stressful for myself and my team to have to watch this all the time.

“Now that Snapt is in place, we don't have to do anything. Our focus is now shifted away from that completely and we're not even watching the servers at all because we know that Snapt is handling the volume and requests. If something happens, we receive an alert and then handle it.

“Previously, we received alerts all the time. I would receive alerts on my phone and my phone would be pinging constantly. That kind of thing doesn't happen any more. Snapt has definitely taken that stress away from me and my team, not having to worry about that all the time.”

“The Snapt support team was really, really excellent. They were brilliant at finding the issue and resolving it quickly. That, for me, was one of the best things - that the expertise of the support team was there and they gave it to us when we needed it.” - Stephen Meyer, Senior IT Manager, IntelliMali


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