Snapt and E-Commerce

Powering Growth and Agility for Online Retail

Application load balancing, acceleration, scaling, security, and stress testing


Snapt solutions for e-commerce enabled high-growth strategies –without compromising on innovation and agility.

In the hyper-competitive e-commerce space, you need to attract and convert new customers, maximize revenue, and protect shoppers. You know your business and how to succeed – now you need the right technology to amplify your success.

Snapt are the experts in e-commerce infrastructure. We bring the speed, high availability, security, and proactive testing to help you run faster, achieve any scale with no downtime, and provide trustworthy security for your shoppers.

Snapt takes care of your traffic without locking you in or limiting your options. E-commerce businesses of all sizes, with any kind of website, store platform, or API, can scale, protect, and adapt with Snapt.

Why Snapt for E-Commerce?


Grow on-demand with elastic scale in any cloud or on-premises datacenter. Auto-create new app services per-app or per-pod for fast onboarding.


Keep clients and apps healthy and in sync with central security policy and real-time monitoring. Clients benefit from AI-powered security automation.


Reduce costs with platform-agnostic flexibility. Clients and app developers benefit from optional self-service and API driven app services for CI/CD.

Focus On E-Commerce

E-Commerce is no longer a retail sub-category, but increasingly defines the retail industry. Sellers without an online store are the exception. As a result, competition is fierce: for search rankings and ad bidding; for website traffic; for new customers and customer retention.

There are a lot of ways for e-commerce sellers to get an advantage over the competition – from branding to pricing. But it’s impossible to ignore the opportunities (and risks) that come from your technology infrastructure. Your technology could leave you with high bounce rates, abandoned shopping carts, or even website downtime and costly security breaches. Or it can accelerate your growth, stickiness, and brand reputation.

The E-Commerce Challenge

Attract New Visitors

How can you optimize for SEO, share of voice, and discoverability when your site speed is slow? Is your website or e-commerce platform holding you back?

Convert More Customers

How can you turn surfers into shoppers? Is your slow page load time frustrating your visitors,resulting in abandoned shopping carts?

Maximize Revenue Opportunity

How can you make the most of sales days and traffic spikes if you can’t scale big enough, fast enough? Is your site slow or offline when it matters most?

Protect Customer Data and Transactions

How can you protect your customers and your reputation when surrounded by cyber criminals, bot attacks, data leaks, and fraud?

Snapt’s E-Commerce Vision

Discoverable, Highly Engaging Websites – Designed To Convert

We help accelerate websites like yours for fast performance, short load times, and high Google PageSpeed scores. This drives the success of your search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising strategies, and ensures your visitors have a responsive and rewarding user experience.


Growth On-Demand – Any Scale, Anywhere – No Downtime

We can stress test your site with realistic high scale traffic and upgrade your infrastructure with next-gen load balancing so you can scale out as much as you need, and easily extend your infrastructure to new locations from a centralized UI.


Trustworthy Security – For Confident Shoppers

We start with preventative security – from vulnerability testing to real-time cyber threat intelligence. We protect e-commerce traffic with our advanced self-learning application firewall that automatically identifies and blocks sophisticated threats.


How does Snapt help E-Commerce businesses?

Application Delivery

High-performance centralized load balancing, application security, and performance acceleration for any website, application, or API.

Threat Intelligence

Real-time detection and pre-emptive blocking of cyber security threats, powered by unique first-party security data and advanced machine learning.

Stress Testing

Load testing and vulnerability scanning reveals your peak capacity and any security gaps, with expert advice to help you adapt and mitigate risks.

Snapt Architecture


Snapt is the best solution for agile, high-growth e-commerce strategies.

Uptime, security, testing, compliance – these are necessary, but are sometimes seen as necessary evils because they slow down innovation and agility. With Snapt, it’s different.

Snapt takes a cloud neutral approach, embracing any-cloud and multi-cloud deployments. Snapt integrates with any infrastructure including servers, virtual machines, containers, and microservices, and diverse production pipelines including DevOps and CI/CD methodologies. Our flexible technology is paired with flexible pricing that grows, shifts, and evolves along with you.

Nova deploys load balancers and application firewalls as a service - not as servers. Nova ADC services can scale-out in seconds to handle millions of SSL transactions per second, and scale-in to reduce costs when demand goes down. Within 30 seconds, Nova can launch ADC services in any cloud in the world, ready to receive and secure traffic for your e-commerce applications whether they are virtualized, cloud-native, or containerized.

Our unique approach helps you attract new visitors, maximize revenue opportunities, convert more customers, and protect customer data.

Talk to us about running a POC.

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