Snapt and Education

Powering Innovation and Security for EduTech

Application availability, acceleration, security, and Exchange integration


Snapt solutions for EduTech enable innovative strategies – without compromising on security or budgets.

In the fast-moving education sector, you need to enable eLearning, data protection and security, and administrative efficiency – often at the same time as IT budget reductions. You know your students and how to help them succeed – now you need the right technology to turn dreams into reality.

Snapt are the experts in technology infrastructure for education. We bring the speed, high availability, security, and proactive testing to help you run faster, guarantee accessibility with no downtime, and provide trustworthy security for your students.

Schools, colleges, and universities of all sizes, with any kind of website, remote learning platform, Exchange server, or database can scale, protect, and adapt with Snapt.

Why Snapt for Education?


Grow on-demand with elastic scale in any cloud or on-premises datacenter. Auto-create new app services per-app or per-pod for fast onboarding.


Keep clients and apps healthy and in sync with central security policy and real-time monitoring. Clients benefit from AI-powered security automation.


Reduce costs with platform-agnostic flexibility. Clients and app developers benefit from optional self-service and API driven app services for CI/CD.

Focus On Education

The education sector has become a leader in remote working, using the latest technology to pioneer virtual classroom interaction, on-demand asynchronous learning, and hybrid models of individual learning, small group collaboration, whole class teacher-led learning, and examination.

Schools and colleges face big challenges in delivering these experiences with the performance, availability, and security that students and parents expect from today’s digital services. Many education establishments lack the infrastructure, the budget, or the staff to turn innovative ideas into production. However, those that are successful can help more children and adult learners to access education in an increasingly unpredictable world.

The EduTech Challenge

eLearning and Remote Working

How can you enable students, teachers, and support staff to connect with live and on-demand learning resources – with uptime and security guaranteed?

Administrative Efficiency

How can you ensure administrative databases are high performing and email communications (like MSExchange) are always available?

Data Protection and Security

How can you give students and parents confidence that their records and data are safe from leaks,hacks, grade manipulation, and other threats?

Reducing IT Costs

How can you keep innovating while meeting pressure to reduce your budget for IT expenditure? Will your next upgrade actually save you money?

Snapt’s Education Vision

Highly Engaged Students – With Tech That Moves As Fast As They Do

We can help you live up to your students’ high expectations for modern connectivity and user experiences. Our application delivery platforms will ensure your eLearning and examination systems are lightning fast, always-on(even under heavy load), and secure against any threat.


Secure And Efficient Administration – For Confident Governance

Enterprise databases, servers, and communications are our bread and butter. From Microsoft Exchange to SQL databases – we ensure performance, uptime, monitoring, and security against the most sophisticated threats,so your support staff, managers, and governors can rest easy.


Cost-Saving Infrastructure – For Balanced Budgets

We see potential cost-savings everywhere. We will accelerate your web content to reduce your bandwidth costs. We will reduce your cloud compute to reduce your cloud costs. And, of course, our products are more affordable and scalable than any competitor’s.


How does Snapt help Education?

Application Delivery

High-performance modern load balancing, application security, and performance acceleration for any website, application, server, or API.

Threat Intelligence

Real-time detection and pre-emptive blocking of cyber security threats, powered by unique first-party security data and advanced machine learning.

Managed Security

Continuous automatic scanning reveals your vulnerabilities and any security gaps, with expert advice to help you adapt and mitigate risks.

Snapt Architecture


Snapt is the best solution for security-conscious, high-innovation education strategies.

Uptime, performance, security – these are necessary, but are sometimes seen as necessary evils because they slow down innovation and have a significant impact on IT budgets. With Snapt, it’s different.

Snapt takes a cloud neutral approach, embracing any-cloud and multi-cloud deployments. Snapt integrates with any infrastructure including servers, virtual machines, containers, and microservices, so we can help you through your digital transformation journey, including all the complex hybridized steps along the way. Our flexible technology is paired with flexible pricing that grows, shifts, and evolves along with you.

NovaSense is the most accessible and affordable way to add advanced pre-emptive threat intelligence to your network. With NovaSense, you get access to whole threat lists so you can make fewer API calls; community- driven threat data for real-world, real-time intelligence; and straightforward integration with your existing security and visibility systems and workflows.

To help our friends in the education sector access the security and resilience they need, we also offer a 30% education discount.

Talk to us about running a POC.

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