Snapt and Financial Services

Powering Security and Performance for FinTech

Centralized application and API load balancing, scaling, security, and threat intelligence


Snapt solutions for financial services enable secure, high-performance application

Snapt solutions for financial services enable secure, high-performance applications without compromising on innovation and agility. In the hyper-competitive FinTech space, you need to deliver innovation (fast), scale up, meet performance SLAs, strengthen cybersecurity, and keep up with regulatory compliance. No easy task, and the competition isn’t sitting still.

Snapt are the experts in FinTech infrastructure. We bring the speed, scale, security, and simplicity to help you go to market fast and continually improve, ensure high availability, and provide trustworthy security and compliance.

Snapt takes care of your traffic without locking you in or limiting your options. Financial services institutions with any kind of website, application, or API, can scale, protect, and adapt with Snapt.

Why Snapt for Financial Services?


Grow on-demand with elastic scale in any cloud or on-premises datacenter. Auto-create new app services per-app or per-pod for fast onboarding.


Keep clients and apps healthy and in sync with central security policy and real-time monitoring. Clients benefit from AI-powered security automation.


Reduce costs with platform-agnostic flexibility. Clients and app developers benefit from optional self-service and API driven app services for CI/CD.

Focus On FinTech

FinTech is the fastest growing segment of the financial services sector with sustained year-on-year growth of 25% and an estimated value of $310 billion in 2022. This incredible growth is fuelled by a level of innovation, agility, and scalability that traditional banking cannot match in more saturated markets and with legacy application infrastructure. With everything from voice-activated payments to contextual services todecentralized finance, the next few years show no signs of slowing down.

This growth, however, comes with significant challenges. Performance and reliability at scale will stress most application and API infrastructure. Cybersecurity threats target FinTech to steal money and personal data.Regulatory standards are increasing and entry into new markets means new compliance requirements.

The FinTech Challenge

Deliver Innovation

How can you bring innovative services to market fast, continuously iterate and optimize, and deliver at lower cost than traditional models?

Strengthen Cybersecurity

How can you defeat rapidly evolving cybersecurity threats targeting your customers’ money and personal data, and even block threats preemptively?

Meet Scale and Performance SLAs

How can you ensure uptime, API response times, follow-the-sun scale and performance, and more while delivering billions of requests per day?

Simplify Regulatory Compliance

How can you identify and reduce exposure to risk, and improve accountability and transparency, while maintaining agility and innovation?

Snapt’s FinTech Vision

Reliable, High-Performance APIs and Applications – For Scale and Velocity

We can ensure the availability, security, and performance of your APIs, applications, and websites in any cloud, VM, container, or microservices architecture, with API response times, quality of service (QoS), intelligent autoscaling, and self-healing infrastructure, so you can scale up innovative services reliably


Real-Time Threat Intelligence and WAAP Security – For Automatic Protection

We start with preventative security with real-time, real-world cyber threat intelligence. We protect traffic with our advanced self-learning WAAP that automatically blocks threats to APIs, applications, and websites.


Central Control and Observability– For Better Compliance

We know that scale, complexity, and multi-location presence makes regulatory compliance difficult. We provide centralized control of your application security profiles so you can ensure consistent policy everywhere or customize it for each region. Centralized data provides global visibility, validation, and alerts.


How does Snapt help Financial Services?

Central Control

High-performance centralized control plane. Monitor, protect, scale, and optimize distributed apps and millions of nodes in a "single pane of glass".

Threat Intelligence

Real-time detection and pre-emptive blocking of cyber security threats, powered by unique first-party security data and advanced machine learning.


Centralized security policy, ML-powered Layer-7 security automation, and API protection and access control improves security and compliance.

Snapt Architecture


Snapt is the best solution for secure, high-performance FinTech strategies.

Secure application infrastructure frequently constrains agility and responsiveness. With Snapt, it’s different.

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